Saturday, April 19, 2014

Links :: Pornography, Racism, Dancing and Entrepreneurship

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Bookmarked around the web this past week:

I love seeing where other entrepreneurs work; Bobbi's office is as simple and pretty as her blog layouts.

Gabriella's nice things lists always make me smile, and I usually agree with at least half of the items.

These totes look totes awesome, and since I won't be carrying around tampons for a few more months, not awkward!

I feel like I could have written this Tumblr post on sharing our lives via social media. Thanks Victoria!

Flash mobs never get old (especially when they're for a good cause).

A new creative marketplace that I'm intrigued by.

About to start a new business venture? Read this first.

More photos from last weekend in SD at Jessica's blog here and here.

A beautiful blog on self-love. "I take a deep breath, unsure of myself. Is this what it feels like to look at your body and not want to look away? Is this what it feels like to trust the image you see in the mirror? Is this what it feels like to love yourself?"

Cookies that you can draw on (with markers) and then eat. What!?

I feel like Christina is the cooler version of me. But we both like Jhené Aiko, so, you know. Basically twins.

The upside to entrepreneurship. As if there's a downside. (Kidding! Kindof.)

Mean-for-no-reason articles on celebs need to stop.

Thien has made a commitment to show more 'real' photos on her blog. You go, girl!

Dairy-free, homemade blood orange ice cream? Hell yes. I'm down for anything that doesn't make me fart.

Always disappointing to see someone I admire say stuff like this. Remember to watch your words online kids, whether you're in the spotlight or not. (See her semi-apologies for the video here and tweets here.)

I wish I had the balls to talk about porn and masturbation. "While most of us like the idea of monogamy, the reality is that even people in the most committed relationships still fantasize about other people, have things they like to get off to alone, or indulge in delicious perversions that maybe their partner doesn't enjoy. The more you get caught up in needing your partner to live up to your expectations, the worse your relationship will be."

Speaking of commitment, Emily and hubby talk about lessons learned over their past two years of marriage.

Guess what? It's okay to be sad, whether or not your problems are as big or small as anyone else's.

I made the escape. Sarah made the escape. Will you?

*Photo found here.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Lessons :: Friday Feelings / 5

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This week, I felt ________ because...

HAPPY: Despite continuously forgetting to use the #100happydays hashtag, I've been happy at least once every day. Some days have been harder than others, especially at the beginning of this week, but there is much to smile about -- the constant California sunshine, ice cold soda water, hot green tea, dry cereal straight from the box, leftover pizza, the smell of fresh books, a funny Snapchat exchange, new Disney movies featuring powerful women, and a real bed instead of an air mattress (finally!).

DISAPPOINTED: Within a week of leaving my job, the tendonitis in my right hand, wrist and arm completely vanished. It was a miracle. Unfortunately, most likely due to recent stress, it has returned. I'm absolutely crushed and I just want it to go away for good. After nearly six months of treatment, I should no longer be in pain, but I cannot let it stop me from writing. I am just trying to take it easy and work slowly, which is hard for this formerly on-the-go gal.

THANKFUL: Brandon's mom and my future mother-in-law, Juillet, has been so supportive and was there for me on a particularly rough day. I'm so grateful to have her in LA, since I don't have any family on this side of the country. Which leads us to my next point...

LONELY: I was honestly never lonely before getting pregnant, even when I was single. But there's something about carrying another person inside you, that no one else can feel, that sets you apart. It's as if you have a secret that no one else knows or understands. A cousin of mine had her baby yesterday, and I have three other cousins that are pregnant, and two family friends. But they all live in other parts of the country, and my one friend who does have a baby, Kara, is in Michigan. I'm not close to many girls here, and most of them don't want kids, or aren't planning on it anytime soon, and none of them have any now. I know that my best friends -- Chris in Texas, Charisma in Florida, Jessica in San Diego, Kelly and Malorie in Michigan -- are only a phone call away. But it's not the same as having someone here, who can just drop by. I am determined, though, to allow Brandon and God and myself to be enough, and to be the strong, independent woman that I've always been.

PROUD: My not-so-little-anymore sister, Liz, will be walking in Full Figured Fashion (FFF) Week in New York! I am hoping by some miracle I have the money and energy to go support her, but if not, I am sure we'll all be cheering her on from afar. She has been working so hard for so long and totally deserves this.

See last Friday's post here.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life :: 8 Android Apps to Save You Time + Money

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Technology is seriously moving at the speed of light, and as usual, I can barely keep up! I just started using a smart phone less than two years ago, and I'm pretty proud of myself for finally getting the hang of some apps. I feel like you can do pretty much anything with your phone except clean your house, but soon there will probably be a Mary Poppins function where you press a button that looks like an umbrella and clothes start putting themselves in drawers. Just last year I was contemplating when we would have a printer that can hook up right to your phone and pop out Instagrams, and now, it exists.

I've decided that I am definitely going to be one of those grandmas that doesn't know how to do anything with electronics. At this point, you are probably wondering how I manage to even operate this blog... but I'll let that remain a mystery.

Anyway, I generally use apps that make life easier for me, which I think can be said of all of us. I've compiled a quick list of my faves and if you haven't yet tried them, now is the time. You know, before something better comes along and steals all the glory. (PS: These are probably available for iPhone, too.)

1. VSCO: I am seriously addicted to these photo filters.
2. Viber: Call or text for free. No plan needed.
3. Writer: The easiest way to jot down a quick idea.
4. Ibotta: Save money on groceries by completing simple tasks (Facebook follow, watch a video, etc).
5. Uber: Cheaper (and more fun) than a taxi. Get $20 off with that link.
6. Airbnb: Cheaper (and more fun) than a hotel. Get $25 off with that link.
7. RetailMeNot: Coupons and discounts for retail stores. Always needed.
8. GasBuddy: Find the cheapest gas near you. Awesome!

*Photo source.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Look Again :: My Personal Fashion Style / A Timeline

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Happy hump day, guys! I thought it'd be fun to look back at some of my outfits over the years and how my personal style has evolved. Back when I first started this blog, I wore skirts, dresses and heels almost constantly. I was really sick of jeans and tees after my pop-punk days so I got into a really girly phase. I was also obsessed with headbands, bows, flowers and anything else that could decorate my hair.

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Eventually, I started adding shorts to the mix, usually wearing patterned or colored tights or socks with them. I preferred a variety of shorts in different textures and materials like the silk and tweed pairs you see here. I was still working as a sales lead at Ann Taylor so most of my wardrobe was from there, but I was able to add my own flair to the pieces. Bangles and bold necklaces were in full effect.

 photo Shorts-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-4-2.png

In 2012 I began to feel more comfortable with my body, so I added shorter shorts to my closet (plus, it was getting hot in LA). As my heels began to fall apart from work, I started to wear more comfortable shoes like ballet flats and boots. I liked to mix vintage and thrifted pieces with trendier items (and still do).

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I got a new full-time job that year, so I was wearing a suit most days. After work I'd keep the blazer but change up my outfit to something more casual or sexy. I paired the jackets with my continued love for skirts and shorts. I traded my old hair pieces for hipster turbans and elastic hair bands.

 photo Pants-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-2-1.png

I began wearing pants again as well, usually in dark washes and comfy fits. In 2013 I started to wear denim in different colors: pastel purple, mint green, pale peach, bright orange. I didn't do much with my hair and just let it fall naturally. Jewelry became more minimal as I started adding these brighter hues.

 photo Pants-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-3.png

In 2014 I truly found my style sweet spot by combining many of the things I used to love. My main look has included edgy layers made up of cut-off shorts or dark jeans with a see-through or cropped top and jacket or sweater. I feel most like me when I'm wearing something ripped-up and worn out layered with something new. I love pairing bright colors with dark shades (and I ain't talking about sunglasses, though I do like those as well). Though I still wear heels once in awhile, it's rare, and I have a renewed love for chunky sneakers. That may be influenced by B's collection (I need to show you guys sometime).

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*Last two photos by Michael Anthony and Mary Tap.
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