Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Bobcat

My mom's mother, my grandma -- babcia in Polish -- is the most supportive person in my life. She gives and gives and gives, and asks for nothing in return. She travels between Poland, Michigan, and Virginia (where my aunt lives) -- and whenever she stays with anyone, she constantly cooks and cleans and converses.

At about my age, she left all that she knew in Poland with her new husband, daughter and another baby on the way. She knows what it's like to make a tough move. Before I left Michigan for California, we had a talk that made me cry. She was one of very few people who did not question why I was going. She was happy for me and proud of me and had nothing but words of encouragement.

Here we are in August 2007:

Two nights ago, she suffered a heart attack. It was small, and she is generally very healthy, so the doctors say she will be fine. It's still scary, though; she's having open-heart surgery (a quadruple bypass) tomorrow. And somehow, my other grandma -- on my Italian side, my dad's mother -- is also in the hospital this week. She hurt her back, but is thankfully recovering well. I've been slacking lately in the religious area, but right now I'm praying so hard that it's one constant thought.

I know this isn't a fun post, but I wanted to write about it somewhere. Thank you, dear readers, for allowing me to feel comfortable enough to do so!

PS: I'm hosting a blog event! Who's your valentine?


  1. Sweetpea, you and your grammas with be in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I am thankful that you are blessed with two awesome grand-mamas, and wish them a speedy recovery and good health!

    And thank you for sharing. I feel like it's important to share all aspect of ourselves on our personal blogs, well publicly appropriate things at least. Hugs to you, Steph! xo. Bella Q

  2. I'm so glad you shared this

    These people are such major contributors to the amazing person you've become! I'm glad you wrote so truthfully and eloquently about these people that mean so much to you! I hope they both feel better soon.

    take care

  3. I will pray for you ,your family, and specially your grandmas. I love when bloggers talk about the people in their life that influenced them. Much love and blessings.

  4. you made ME cry this time


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