Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leave Ke$ha Alone

She's trashy. She's flashy. Love her or hate her, 23-year-old Kesha Rose Sebert has made herself a household name with the mononym Ke$ha.

2010 was undoubtedly her year to shine. The singer-songwriter had a slow start -- after being signed to a label in 2005, her debut album wasn't released until last January -- but after that, her career skyrocketed. She sold two million copies by September and released her second album in December.

But -- as it happens with any celebrity in the spotlight -- unattractive photos began to leak (click on them for references), including this one from her high school years:

And I'm sure we've all seen her bikini body by now:

Unpleasant to look at? Sure. But I, too, don't have a perfect body -- and I certainly had an awkward phase. (I literally hide every single photo from ages 8-18.)

I guess what I don't understand is all of the hate she receives because of a small batch of photos. Anyone, of course, has the right to listen to whatever music they want, and not listen to what they don't want to listen to. But we need to stop bashing people due to their looks! And yes, celebrities are people. They may get a bigger paycheck than us, but they still have feelings.

Of course, there are celebrities that I find unattractive, but I'll discuss it with my boyfriend or a best friend for a sentence or two, and then move on. It's fun to comment on how people look, but why post it on-line for the world to see? Ke$ha may never read your comments, but someone else will -- and why spread negativity? There's no reason for it.

To be frank: If you feel the need to spend your time on-line bitching about someone else's looks, then you seriously need to a) climb down off your high horse, b) look in a mirror, and c) get a job.

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  1. Absolutely true! Ke$ha is amazing! What she's done is amazing. If people don't want to listen to her music, they don't have to. But honestly? Stooping so low as to criticize her APPEARANCE?? some people really need to, as you said, get down off their high horses! Great post!!

  2. I agree! I am sure we all have photo's we would love to burn and shred. There is no one who can tell me they don't have a few.

    I don't think it's fair. She is an awesome artist!

  3. OMG, if every bad photo of me was put on the web it would be scary. I'm also not a fan of all the negativity. Well said lady!

  4. p.s. Thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud!

  5. i really like this post, you are so right.
    who the hell is people to judge, man i love here
    she is rad!
    great blog<3


  6. I absolutely agree with you! Noone has a perfect body, and even if they do, nobody has the right to judge.
    Well said loudmouth :)

  7. Amazing post, and I completely agree with you!! It's very irritating that people constantly need to judge other's looks...for what? I'm guessing to make themselves feel better, but I'm not sure. I love Ke$ha! She's so funky and fun.

    Kirstin Marie

  8. My dislike for her is not because of her body (of course, I mean, check out my thunder thighs lol), but because she is famous by supporting America's ideal woman as trashy, flashy and disrespectful. I don't find an ounce of integrity in the way she represents women. Her and her songs literally offend me. But you know me, Stef, always the opinionated bitch. :)

  9. Amen! All the hate stems from the hate people have of themselves. Besides most of them are envious anyway.


  10. I don't care for her music, at least most of it, but I don't get the hate on people's looks. Who cares? And how many of us have embarrassing photos? Holy crap, I STILL have awful photos. And I don't look great in a bikini, either. Things like this make me glad I'm not famous!

  11. Amen sister! If I'm going to make fun of anyone, I'll make fun of myself, (or tease my friends when they're around to tease back), but there is nothing cool in being mean-spirited. I have an uncanny ability to both photograph very well and incredibly poorly. Honestly, it's no big deal to me, but no one but my friends see them. I feel sad for those who get attacked.

  12. don't mind her looks, don't like her musice

  13. thanks so much for this post! I agree.. I mean people always are talking bad about other people, and it get tiresome..


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