Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lions, Tigers & Bears

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs
Cardigan - Thrifted
Necklace - Express
Top - Kohl's
Shorts, heels - Ann Taylor

I'm also wearing tights. They were new and I couldn't wait to show them off, then realized that you could barely see them in photos! Maybe that's a good thing; they blend with my skin tone and make me look a little more tan. Anyway, here they are.

My concept for this shoot involves the bag I'm carrying. It's by Michael Kors, and it's the most expensive thing I've ever purchased for my wardrobe. It's also leather.

Some of you may know this already, but as of June 2010, I'm pescetarian -- a vegetarian who still eats fish. Since making that lifestyle change, I've acquired a distaste for anything else involving meat, including materials used for fashion purposes. The bag was purchased before all of that, but I still feel a little guilty. I've contemplated selling it, but I was so excited and proud of myself when I bought it, and I don't want to let go of that moment, as selfish a reason as it may seem.

Brooke of Center Sage wrote about going through a similar struggle in this entry. Hers had to do with winter coats, but the difficult decision-making similarity remains. It feels good to be reminded that I'm not alone! She wrote something that resonated with me: "I believe that once a product, vrai ou faux, enters into the system that it should remain in the system as long as possible and be worn and loved to its fullest potential." I'll continue to use the bag until it rips at the seams.

In this case, I used it as a symbol. These photos were taken at an old zoo which is now open to the public for exploration. The cages are minuscule compared to the creatures that were once housed in them. I aimed to portray the trapped feeling animals must experience when being used for human enjoyment, whether it be in the form of food, clothes or entertainment.

If you're interested in vegan handbags, on the other hand, I highly recommend Susan Nichole. I received this wallet (which I absolutely love) in a giveaway! It's classy, roomy and totally unique yet still on-trend. I would also love this tote for traveling, and this quilted handbag for going out!

As my final thought, I would like to thank Celeste for a lovely camera date.


  1. i like the pictures! your bag and shoes are pretty adorable too! :-)


  2. The concept of your photos is amazing. and those shoes are stunnnning :)

  3. Oh my gosh, you are too gorgeous, girl!! I absolutely love your shoes. I definitely agree with you and Brooke. Though I am not vegetarian, I still do not like pieces made of fur or skin, etc. It bugs me out!! (Being a huge animal lover has helped this feeling to). Thanks so much for your birthday wishes, your lovely comment and for the follow!! :)

    Kirstin Marie

  4. love that heels and great setting :)

    first giveaway: Hard Candy makeup products

  5. Loving the shoes & heels! so chic :) you look gorgeous!

  6. WOW the first and 4th photos totally rock!! haha no pun intended there! You look stunning, and definitely should do more of these :)
    The photo of your friend is also very sweet at the end!
    I'm a meat-eater, but I am respectful of those who aren't and will always consider doing a veggie dish just in case at parties etc.
    I think your handbag is a great buy, you shouldn't give it up, you earned it through hard work. Just go vintage or vegan next time :)
    The Jersey Gem

  7. I love the idea of this shoot, your intention and message...and the photos. So good. But kind of heart wrenching, you know?! However, that was the point, so you nailed it.


  8. Thank you for the sweet comments, everyone! And yes, Meg, I'll be doing more photoshoots like this in the future :)

  9. You are absolutely stunning! That 4th photo - wow! You look like a pinup girl - totally beautiful! I love those shoes too BTW. Currently hunting leopard print pumps myself!
    I think this was a great location for a photoshoot and the trapped feel is definitely there! Good job!!

  10. Me-fucking-ow! YOU look HAUTE! Gorgeously animal. And me, vegetarian turn beeflover says: use the animal and honor it. So cherish and respect the leather until it rips. And of course, seek out better next-time options.

    LOVIN' the fashionista in you grrl!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  11. What an amazing location for a shoot! And I'm LOVING those heels!

  12. Great scenario for photos..
    love your outfit.. So chic and classy..
    Lee x

  13. I made it! :)

    The bag is fabulous! You shouldn't feel guilty about it. Keep in mind that a lot of leather used in the garment industry is a bi-product of the food industry. I know you're not eating meat, but a lot of people do- for health reasons, even! Most reputable designers aren't sourcing their leathers from unethical sources like scalpers or something. And I agree that if something is in circulation, use it & love it for as long as possible.

    What an awesome location! The zoo is a bit of a downer, but my kids love to go. Mostly we just go to brush the goats & get chased by the chickens. :)

  14. you look fantastic. looove those heels!!

    hope you'll come visit us again soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie

  15. love the shoes, esp the background. adorable!


    ps i just awarded you the stylish blogger award. take a look & congratulations! :)

  16. Hello! Such lovely pictures (you look gorg) and outfit! It looks like you had such a blast. I seriously love doing shoots they are so much fun. xx veronika

  17. Wow, I'm overwhelmed by the positive feedback :) Thank you, ladies & Lee!

  18. I love this post!Where is that?! Your outfit is georg, much like you, you beautiful and talented woman! :) I am lacto-ovo-vegetarian, have been for ten years. I do wear leather shoes, and have inherited leather bags from mum, but I always find it hard to wear, I make up stories about animals that have had a long and happy life before entering the afterlife as a clutch lol. I don`t even kill mosqitoes, and for a long time I didn`t step on grass. Being a pacifist is def unpractical lol. hugs

  19. I just fell in love with your photoshoot!! These pictures look amazing, what great scenery!

    xo Lynzy

  20. Gorgeous photos- love the location. And you look super tall. I was pescetarian till this year (since 2006) -when I gave up fish for good, and am now a lacto-ovo vegetarian trying to eat healthier and definitely sympathize with animals- I will use leather because sadly those animals are already dead- however industries where animals are typical killed without the meat being used for food- I'm totally not into (fur, shearling, skins, etc)

  21. These were taken in The Old Zoo at Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Elle, I'm 5'8" so with heels -- you can guess how tall I must be! ;)

  22. Brooke's comments struck a chord with me, too, even though I eat plenty of meat. :) Beautiful photos!

  23. You look beautiful!!! And the post above is amazing, so interesting and thought-provoking! Did you submit it to the IFB weekly Links? This is what the fashion blogging world needs more of!! Great posts.

  24. yay!!! i have been looking for nude fishnets.

    I love your photo shoot concept here. Fashion with purpose is always refreshing and delightful. Keep up the good work!

  25. I really like what I've seen of your blog! You definitely have good taste... and I love the nudey pics.


  26. I think I know what Arash was talking about now. You truly are sensational. :)




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