Saturday, January 29, 2011

Loves :: One Month Blogiversary

I've always kept track of numbers, despite my distaste for math. So without further ado, I'd like to announce that today marks my one-month blogiversary. (I consider the three months on LiveJournal before moving to Blogger my pregnancy.) I'm more excited than I look in this photo, promise. Also, Zach has been called "boyfriend" for 2 years, 8 months and 20 days now. I know, I'm a little crazy. But every minute is worth celebrating, is it not?

We all know that the amount of followers we have isn't important compared to the amount of meaningful relationships we create with our readers. Why would I want 1,000 followers if 10 actually take the time to comment and participate in conversations? However, it's still fun for me to look at the statistics of my blog. I'm sure we all like to know how our online presence is progressing. Let's take a peek!

My first month in numbers:
6,700 pageviews (200+ per day)
83 Facebook fanatics
67 Twitter birdies
56 Google gigglers
26 Bloglovin' loves

I'm so happy with the blogging journey that I've made thus far. Thank you for the encouraging comments and tweets that inspire and motivate me each day! If I could throw a party complete with fashion-inspired baked goods, I would. Since I can't, I'll do the next best thing and serve you some delicious treats right here. Enjoy!

Too pretty to eat:

Unedible; still yummy:

This one just looks cool:

I'm hungry now.


  1. Congratulations on your first month of blogging. Aren´t you doing well???? fantastic.
    I love the dress cake and the little cakes with shoes.

  2. Congrats! I can not believe your blog has only been around for a month! Shows how dedicated and real passion can get you far in such short notice. all of the cakes look yummy, I would take a bit of that JC one just to see how fabulous it actual is!

    Twitter: @YvonnaLivianna

  3. Yay for blog-iversaries! I love when people post about their blog's anniversaries. it really is an important aspect of our lives. Also those cakes look amazingly tasty. its definitely got my stomach grumbling haha

    ~Newscutouts from

  4. What a rip-roaringly good start. My first month of blogging gave me under 20 comments and 100 page views. You've done well! Nom-nom-nom.

  5. Congrats! I started my revised blog this month, too... my stats aren't quite as good as yours, though! I love reading it:)

  6. Hey congratulations! I saw this on twitter & was like, "Woah, I didn't know she just had a baby!". HAHA! You got me. I'll take a slice of all the cakes above, please. :) xoxo

  7. Happy Birthday and Congratulations Stephanie!! My, all those cupcakes and sugary sweets are making my mouth water! xoxoxoo

  8. Happy blogo.. blogi.. bloga (I can't spell this word corrctly) verasary!///

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! I wish I kept track of my blog like that so I could do special things for my readers ^^

  10. Congrats! I love the black and white photo of you too so don't worry about not looking excited in it.

    I love all the pictures too and they look so yummy!

  11. Those are still great stats!

    And wow, designer cake! Love it!


  12. Happy Birthday Loudmouth! Hope you don't over-do the sweet cakes :)

  13. Congratulations!! I love to celebrate every moment as well. Especially when it involves cupcakes. We need some bubbly so we can toast to an amazing first month. Cheers doll! x

  14. You've only been at this for a month? WOW! You're destined for big things doll!

  15. One month? I'm shocked it's been such a short time! Well, happy blogiversary!

  16. Wow, congratulations! That's great statistics, no matter the importance you assign them... keep it up!


  17. Happy blogiversary! :D That cake looks... interesting! Not sure if I'd eat it but it looks fun :)

    Congrats on a sucessful first month. I'm so glad I stumbled on your journal on LJ!
    Rainbow cake for the win!!

  19. Happy monthiversary!!

    Love & Fashion,



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