Friday, January 7, 2011

Size is just a number

According to Weight Watchers, the healthy range for a 5'8" female is 132-164 pounds. In recent months, I've been on the high end, though I tend to fluctuate; I have sizes 6-10, S-L in my closet. But what does "healthy" mean, anyway?

I recently discovered the hit blog Young, Fat and Fabulous. The host is Gabi, a beautiful, intelligent woman who just happens to be a size 18. She firmly supports HAES: "an approach to health that focuses on intuitive eating and pleasurable physical activity rather than dieting and weight loss."

As long as one's meals consist mostly of whole, fresh foods and she gets off her ass regularly -- isn't that enough? Or should she grasp for a certain number that society says is right? I believe in the former.

That said, I've been slacking in both food and fitness. My sister and I are starting a competition this Monday -- and it'll last until summer -- to see who can lose the most weight. (She's 5'9" and a size 12, if you're curious.) No starving allowed! We're not striving for an ideal number or a "healthy" weight but rather, we want to feel healthier. Hell, I'm eating my third slice of pizza as I type this -- not cool. (For the record, this is a scheduled post; I'm not eating pizza for breakfast, though it has happened before...)

It's possible to be healthy at any size, whether it be a 4 or 14, but am I healthy? I don't think so. Therefore, I'm changing my lifestyle.

But I plan on keeping the curves, thankyouverymuch.


  1. I'm in the same weight range for "healthy" but I am not healthy at all! and I'm a size 14 but like you I will keep the curves.

    I love your idea of the contest and not starve yourself but have fun with it. I wish you and your sister the best of luck!

  2. I agree 100%. I said the same thing on my livejournal last week about how I want to be healthy and fit. That it wasn't trying to become a skinny mini, and how I love the way my body is now. I love my curves I just want to become fit :]

    nice to see someone is on the same page as I am. Good luck

  3. Gabi looks vibrant and healthy. I am so with you on focusing on the healthy side of size and not on inches or weight. That being said, I want to join you and your sis, as my recent trip to the scale scared the shyte outta me: 165lb, my heaviest poundage ever, and I feel like a bit of veal, little muscle tone and lotta butter. So, huzzah on your new goal, and I look forward in seeing the curves, sans the pizza!

  4. size is just a number, what is important is that you feel good and live a healthy lifestyle, and I love pizza too (also at night) :)

  5. Size is really just a number. I have all sorts of clothing ranging from size 5-10, and Small to Large in my closet. I don't even know what size means anymore!!

    In terms of weight, that is also just a number. I've seen people who are fit, but according to their doctors, they are overweight. But the only reason why they're heavier is because of their muscle mass, or maybe even their bone mass?

    I hope that makes sense, and good luck with your goal. But size is just a number and do what makes you feel great!!

  6. i'm 5,8! No idea how much i weight though. I can hand on heart say i've never weighed myself in all my life. better do it in a bit... :S


  7. I agree...numbers don't mean anything. We're all so different! I'll never be a flyweight, buck-twenty-two or something. I can't! And that's OK. I think you have a healthy approach, and dear GOD don't lose those curves! No offense, but many of us would kill for a rack like that!


  8. Oh V, how could I take offense to that? Thank you!

    I'm loving the conversation, friends. :)

  9. Love this. I'm with ya lady. Its a lot easier to lose weight if your able to do it with someone so it kinda keeps you on track. My best friend and I have on and off been losing and then when were not working out gaining weight together for years its really crazy. We need to get back on our losing weight plan but she seems to have a big advantage over me right now so i have so work to do on my own. I guess i'm gonna have to bring her a lot of food fatten her up and then we'll get in the gym LOL just kidding

    I have way too many new found curves after these holidays and recipe testing.

    good luck!

  10. You are and look fantastic. And apart from healthy very happy in your own skin.
    What else is there to say????
    Un abrazo from Spain.

  11. I love this post. So well written and I totally agree with you! You've got to love the person you are , regardless of size. looking forward to ur posts :)

  12. Good luck! I love your approach - I definitely agree that it shouldn't be about size but rather about health- people all have different optimal weights based on many many factors- not just BMI.

  13. I think you look fabulous! Health is always good. I've struggled a lot over the years trying to find a healthy balance. I think I may have found it:) I try to eat mostly "clean" and cut out refirned/processed foods. I'm gradually getting better and its become so much more of a habit and lifestyle than a "diet" which is the thing I've always struggled with.


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