Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vote for me!

I have a few exciting things to tell you about, my friends.

First off, I entered a style blogger contest hosted by Refinery29 and COVERGIRL. I'm currently in fifth place, which is awesome -- but I need all the votes and support I can get! You can only vote for a contestant once, but you can vote for more than one -- so be sure to show my girls Bella and Sarah some love. :)

How to vote:
1) Log in to your Facebook account.
2) Go to the official contest page here.
3) Find the photo of me, shown above.
4) Click on the little pink heart.
5) Tell your friends by inviting them to this event!
February 10 = your last day to vote.

What I'll get if I win:
$1,000 in cash
Five day trip to New York City
1 week internship at Refinery29
An assortment of COVERGIRL products

Thank you so much for your support! In other news...

I purchased my first official chunk of adspace. It's at the tippy-top of Keiko Lynn's blog! Click on the screen shot to see for yourself. Even though she's incredibly pretty and wears the cutest outfits, Keiko is completely down-to-earth. She's honestly a blogging idol for me and a big reason why I started focusing my blog on fashion in the first place!

And last, but certainly not least: One of my entries was chosen, for the first time, as one of IFB's Links à la Mode! I feel incredibly happy and completely honored. Tomorrow I'll be posting the entire list of links and you'll be able to read them all.


  1. Congrats of the IFB feature, you deserve it! And a kudo to you for your ad- here's to lots and lots of new readers!

    And good look at the Refinery. I see you are starting out very strong. I will root for you! (and voted.)
    -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  2. I love it!

    congratulations on being featured.

    Lots of awesome things going on for you! so great

    Brava keep it up

  3. Congrats on the ad space and I love the black and white photo of you! You look very beautiful in it.

    I also voted for you and good luck with the contest.

  4. u deserved to be featured!

    goodluck! :-)


  5. That is SO AWESOME!! I'm off to facebook to vote for you.

  6. Awesome! I will vote for you when I can access Facebook (it's blocked at my job...darn school). Thats great that you took add space out on Keiko's blog! She's a wonderful old high school chum of mine! :)

  7. I've posted and shared on facebook now. Good luck!

  8. Congrats on Links a la Mode! And fifth place? Wow! I'm heading over to vote right now. Good luck, doll.

  9. Checking out the scene over at Refinery, and you are one of the top contenders clocking in a strong 71 votes. And I might add your picture looks the best of the top-runners, clearing the more stylish, and the most bloggerish. Did I just make up a word for you?

    Have a GREAT weekend.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  10. Congrats on the IFB feature, honey, and now I am off to vote for you! Already voted for Bella, but didn`t realize I can vote more than once. Hope your weekend is lovely! hugs, Anika


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