Thursday, January 27, 2011

What you feel is what you are

Outfit Details:
Headband - Forever 21 or Kohl's
Earrings - Charlotte Russe
Undershirt - Bebe
French girl shirt - Wet Seal
Button up shirt - Ann Taylor
Bracelet - Juicy Couture
Socks - Victoria's Secret
Shoes - Thrifted

So inspired by this entry at The House in the Clouds, I couldn't help but take some photos highlighting my personal favorite body parts. We spend so much time knocking ourselves down and beating ourselves up about the way we look; why not celebrate the good stuff? There's nothing conceited, selfish or wrong about that!

Also, quick announcement: I recently joined a huge network of wonderful bloggers at BonBon Rose Girls. I'm floored by the effort this duo puts forth into keeping in contact with their readers. They're constantly working harder to make the site more fun and interactive. I also give them mad props for functioning as a team, because I'm a control freak and have to do this by myself (at least most of the time).

BonBon Rose Girls


  1. Ummmmmm, we love you! And you look freaking gorgeous!

  2. Such a great concept. I love these photos of you!

  3. This is so wonderfully 80s, I'm loving it. I love Bon Bon Rose Girls!! Yay, fellow rosebud!! :)

    Kirstin Marie

  4. Another great post! You never cease to amaze me. I love the theme to this post because not only is it true, but it is so important. Every girl should celebrate what they have going on every single day. That would be beautiful! You look gorgeous Steph! And I must check out the Bon Bon rose girls. I love a network that promotes an interactive community. x

  5. Love it Stephanie! I agree, I believe that woman need to pamper, love, and celebrate who they are! What a fun and inspiring post; reminding women to love & accept themselves! Loving the whole 80's inspiration too, you look gorgeous. xx veronika

  6. Hey, just found your blog through Brooke (what a sweetie, right?) and love it! This post is great- why shouldn't we celebrate what we love about ourselves? Especially when it's done as well as this! Congrats on joining the Bon Bon Rose Girls, can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! xx

  7. Love this post, I totally agree, why not flaunt what you love about yourself!

  8. Amen, you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. That is so cute that you match the girl on your tee.

  9. You're absolutely right about the whole focusing on what you love rather than what you wish you could change. Def. good to notice the happy things :)

    lovely hairstyle. is your hair naturally curly?


    ~newscutouts from

  10. I am with you 100%. We should celebrate and enhance what we have rather than putting down what we do not like.
    If you got it flaut it hehehhe.
    You are beautiful.

  11. Amen Girl.. you all the girls had the same confidence like you have, the girl's world would be a better place.. hahahaha
    Ps.. obsessed with your fashion style
    lee x

  12. Love the concept! The pix are fabulous, too. What a brilliant idea. Thanks for the shout out. I just love it when an idea can inspire another idea and in turn another...

    I want your outfit! You're seriously adorable!

  13. You are all absolutely wonderful and I can't thank you enough for your kind comments! Yes, the hair is naturally curly -- I rarely straighten it. Again, it's all about embracing who you are :)

  14. Steph, you have such a lovely figure!

  15. What a wonderful and uplifting post. I need to think on this whole positivity thing more... great post! I've been trying to lift my mood and get out of the habit of negativity, so this was perfectly timed!

  16. Girl you are jaw dropping gorgeous!! I love the diversity on your blog...and the cake pics above this make me soo hungry!!!


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