Sunday, February 6, 2011

30x30: Days 1-6

I'm learning more than I ever imagined from this challenge.

Lesson One: Try on your 30 pieces before committing. I thought it best to do laundry before the month started and shrunk my favorite oversized cardigan. Now it looks like a normal cardigan. I didn't realize this until I put it on for day 4. Sigh!

Lesson Two: Stock up on cute tights. I'm going to be bored with my two pairs pretty soon. The day before my shopping ban started, I intended to pick some up at Urban Outfitters but popped into a record store down the street instead and, well, I couldn't go home without Jay-Z and 'N Sync on vinyl (for the boy and I, respectively).

Lesson Three: It's really hard to take a picture of yourself everyday. Like, really really hard. I don't know how other bloggers do it on the regular. I work two jobs, work out and try to have a social life, so I'm out of the house 10-15 hours per day. This leaves little time and sunlight for a nice photoshoot, which is why I normally only do them once per week. I'm not complaining, though -- I love that I've been forced to truly concentrate on what I wear and make time to focus on my blog. It's great practice and I'm excited to look back on all of the outfits I'm creating!

Items Worn:
(Everything from Ann Taylor unless otherwise stated)
Red dress = day 1
Striped tee = days 1 + 6 (Target)
Black pumps = days 1 + 5
Camel cardigan = day 2
Sleeveless cream top = days 2 + 4
Boot cut jeans = days 2 + 5
Silk skirt = day 3
Black boyfriend jacket = day 3 (Bebe)
Lace cream top = day 3 (Kohl's)
Leopard print pumps = day 3
Black cardigan = day 4
Camel shorts = day 4
Gold pumps = day 4
Striped cardigan = day 5 (Target)
Red tee = day 5 (Target)
Black ponte knit pants = day 6

PS: Head over to Life's Obsessions for a Valentine's Day post mentioning me!


  1. I love outfit no 1. And no 4 as well - so understated yet chic.
    And I know what you mean by doing outfit posts everyday, its SO hard! but you should try self timer on your camera, really works! ;)

  2. My fashion obsessed daughter is doing this for her blog as well!! She is really excited to see what she can come up with. Your clothes are adorable, btw. I wish I owned something more than workout gear (and even that's not terribly fashionable workout gear!)

  3. Love day two. Kind of looks like you are channeling Michael Jackson with that hat! FABULOUS! It is extremely difficult to take pictures of yourself. I am glad you overcame it and got the shots you wanted. You look amazing!

    Twitter: @YvonnaLivianna

  4. I agree with the Michael Jackson comment - I love him, btw! I like your shorts too.
    Oh yeah, this photo EVERYDAY thing is kicking my butt! I usually do several outfit posts each week anyway - but EVERY day??
    I didn't try on my things either. I was a last minute joiner and it still took me 3 hours to decide. You're doing great though!!

  5. I love what you did with the photos:)You look always! Thanks for stopping by The Compassion Fashion Project, I just totally revamped the whole design of the blog last night-I hope everyone likes it~Meredith

  6. Lesson three is why I know I can never do this! I commend you for making the time.

    Love the first outfit!


  7. I love that you bought 'N Sync on vinyl. Jealous! They were my boy band of choice back in the day. I think you're doing amazing. You do such a great job of styling your looks with different accessories that even the same pieces look different and every outfit is entirely unique. Bravo doll!!! x

  8. what a great challenge! in the past year i have learned that having cute tights pattern and color really help out alot! and accessories too! i love all your looks especially the black striped one! you are adorable in glasses!


  9. You look great in all the photos, but I have to say that out of everything I'm really coveting that pizza. HA! ;) Yikes, that's a hardcore challenge. I couldn't do it. Mostly b/c my husband is in charge of the laundry. Once I drop something in, I don't see it again for a good month.

  10. Aww the pizza shot is the best! Great hat and outfits too!

    p.s. Love the French inspired sofa too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope to see you again!

  11. Ahhh, the 30 x 30...I'll admit that I'm intrigued and afraid at the same time! Taking outfit photos every day is really challenging; I totally understand. I mean, I'm living on a beach doing pretty much nothing but what I please and yet I still seem to find myself staring at the setting sun wondering why I didn't take outfit pics!

    I love outfits one and six!


  12. I think the trickiest part about doing the challenge this time of year is finding good natural light to take the photos. I discovered that in November.

  13. Tell me how to look as good in a fedora as you do!

  14. Love day 2!
    You hat is adorable and we can always use a great long cardigan. And yes, kudos to for actually finding the time between school, my kid, and work I can only dream on taking photos, and actually liking them enough to post! haha

  15. whew girl! you are so unbelievably beautiful in every single one of these outfits. i really love your expression in the last two photos. i don't think anyone can look this hot while eating pizza. =)

    i know exactly how you feel with lesson 3 cause that's exactly how i felt during the blog off. i was so not set up for blogging daily and i was always rushing home from work trying to catch the remaining slivers of light. hahaha. but i hear ya, it was a great learning experience and though difficult, definitely nice to force myself to pay that kind of attention to blogging. =)

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  16. OMG, it is NOT easy taking your picture every day. I do the fifty-yard dash with the tripod, take the first set of pictures, realize I look frenzied or worked, laugh at loud, take the next set while laughing... Run back inside, grab my lunch, run to the car. It's practically a race every morning.

    Sleep dep? Check. Fun? Yep.

  17. Darling, you are so funny and sweet! ANd well dressed :) I was just thinking about you when I saw you had commented on mine, thank you. Aren`t we cute. And I love the latest blog that you #FTFCommunityied, lovely blog!Am her latest follower, so thanks for sharing. big hugs to you lovely.

  18. Ooh, I'm quite liking your outfits! I really wish I weren't too afraid to try the 30 for 30 challenge, but I definitely don't even have 30 pieces I wear regularly! Haha.


  19. I agree with that whole taking a picture every day is hard! That's why I cut back to two times a week, otherwise it's too stressy :)


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