Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a small blogworld after all

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a food blogger friend in person, Kimberly of Unrivaled Kitch! She has been incredibly supportive throughout my blogging journey, from the first day we began talking at LiveJournal, my old hosting site, last year.

We soon figured out, from reading each other's posts and tweets, that we didn't live far from each other. We decided that it'd be fun to meet, and I'm so glad we did! We went out to the Fox Fire Room, a dive with cheap drinks, obnoxious karaoke, hilarious locals, fun red decor and an old-fashioned cash register. The whole situation was fabulous and fun, and of course I took photos!

Be sure to check out the adorable entry she posted in which she showered me with compliments. What a sweetheart!

I also began chatting, just today, with Collette of Statements in Fashion. She just so happens to live within a few miles of my hometown in Michigan! Amazing.


  1. how cool is all of this, right? It IS a small blogging world!!! Congrats on your mention, and hooking up with a couple of fab people, lol...-----> ME:) jk....Im posting the link to your blogroll on my sidebar so I dont miss a post of yours....SOOOO happy we are chatting sweets!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my EL Vintage Giveaway!!♥

  2. Congratulations my dear friend.
    Enjoy the rest of Sunday!!!

  3. I'm so sick of getting spam from you about your gimmicks and give aways. Emails with no personal content AT ALL. Do you even reach out to other bloggers who can't help you...or do you exclusively just reach out to the ones who can help you get more "followers" and readers?

    No one likes a self important opportunist...

  4. I just love bloggy meetups! I had so much fun meeting the girls in NYC!

  5. this is the sweetest thing. Thank you. I love it. I hope moving isn't stressing you out too much.

    I love the picture of the two of us its so fun. :)

  6. Oh how exciting!! This sounds like so much fun. I look forward to the day I get to meet you and other blogger friends. Although I still think of you as a "real-life" friend even though I've never met you ha ha I'll be talking to my boyfriend and say things like, "Today I was talking to my friend Steph..." ha ha As if we were just out for coffee chatting or something.
    And this Fox Fire Room sounds right up my alley! xoxo

  7. Oh my gosh, that is so exciting =]

    Don't pay attention to that anonymous person honey. I talk to you all the time, and you are so sweet, and I am blogger with all of 5 amazing followers lol. So I would not call you a "self important opportunist." It's all good, and you are an amazing blogger who get's follwer's, because of your amazing content =]

  8. blogger meet ups are always so fun! the idea is awkward but it's not so in real life coz you feel like you already know each other ;)


  9. thats sweet! i would love to meet up with you and other bloggers someday! i always feel like i'm the only blogger in jersey haha, although i do know of some other fashion type bloggers, they are friends with my friends sister if that makes ANY sense at all and i used to work with one of them, so i kind of already know them LOL thats what jerseys like though pffft.
    your meetup sounds fun though and she seems really sweet too!

  10. awww!! that's so cute!!! i love meeting fellow bloggers in person. it's the coolest.

    you both look so wonderful. that hat is great on you steph! =)

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  11. How fun is that! I love the RL blogger meet-ups and am envious of your upcoming one in Vegas in March. Ah Style Nation!

    I'm with Brooke, so many pals I haven't actually met, but do consider real friends- for that I am grateful.

    PS: I am PISSED that you don't send me spammy giveaway emails- wtf? I thought you LOVED me! ha ha.

  12. Dear Anonymous:
    Please have the GUTS to post your NAME and own your SNARKY UNWELCOME REMARKS! Only a COWARD would hide behind the internet to strike out at others!

    Steph> Thank you so much for the spammy emails about Giveaways - I LOVE FREE STUFF! Ha!
    I consider you a "real" friend too so I can't wait to meet you F2F and have some food, fashion, and fun in VEGAS!!!!!


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