Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scrapbook of Love

These real-life lovers don't need much of an introduction. I genuinely enjoyed the responses I received after asking friends and fellow bloggers to reveal their personal valentines to me, and now it's time to share them with the world. Whether your special someone is a parent, child, pet or spouse, I hope you have a February 14th to remember. And if you're in the midst of mending a broken heart, I want you to know that your blog family will be nearby with chocolate and bandages.

Lynzy and her boyfriend

"I love Ryan because he puts me in my place when I need it, likes me when I have no makeup on and when my hair is a mess and most of all because he is who he is (a real gentleman)! He opens doors for me almost three years later and makes me smile when I need it most!"

Jenna and her mother

"My mom is my valentine every year, if I'm in a relationship or not. She'd always wanted to go to Paris and so when we found an inexpensive trip, we jumped on it. Paris may be the city of love and romance, but we had plenty of fun as mother and daughter with no men allowed!"

Melissa and her boyfriend

"My sister misheard Mike's last name and thought his name was 'Mike Wasouski.' When I thought he had the same name as the little one eyed-green guy from my favourite Disney Pixar movie Monsters Inc, I decided we were soul mates. Turns out that isn't his name but I decided to keep him around."

Bryana and her boyfriend

Byn and her husband

"My Valentine is the same one I've had for 18 years, my husband, who gets hotter every year... and even better, thinks I get hotter as well, even after 5 kids. Love him with all that I am!"

Britt and her daughter

"My 14.5 month daughter Lennon is the light of my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love her with all my heart, and she has me wrapped around her tiny little finger."

Divya and her tea

"I don't really have a man in my life but I am fondly known as the 'crazy tea lady.' I love drinking tea -- I am always with a cup of tea and I take tea bags with me when I go somewhere to study for a long time."

Carmen and her best friend

"She was a foreign exchange student from Germany at my high school my senior year and we bonded instantaneously. I had friendships that went all the way back to elementary school that have completely fallen by the wayside, but I haven't lost touch with Mara since the day I hugged her goodbye. We complete each other, fit together so harmoniously that it is sometimes hard to tell where my thoughts end and hers begin. I cannot describe why or how, but I always know, no matter what, I can find more comfort in words coming from across the ocean than in the arms of anyone else. I have said it before and I will say it again: Mara Marthe Kleiner is the original love of my life!"

Brooke and her boyfriend

"Picking my Valentine was as easy as pie. He's my best friend, the love of my life, my partner in crime, my occasional photographer/stylist and everything else I never knew a boyfriend could be. Wishing you a sweet and sexy Valentine's Day!"

Bobbie and her self-respect

"At the turn of 2010 I was dealing with a bad breakup and I had been left with a broken heart. I spent the rest of 2010 getting myself together because I had lost myself to the relationship. So this Valentine's Day I am my own valentine. Self-love and appreciation is so important because without it, you will only tear yourself down. I wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day and I hope everyone does something for themselves no matter how small or who you celebrate it with."

Yvonna and her best friend

"Ashley is back in the City while I am upstate, but she has always been a major part of my life and if any had to have the title of Valentine it would be her! This picture is of us on her birthday! Who says best friends can't be Valentines?"

Lauren and her boyfriend

"Blake Duplant is my valentine. We have been dating for almost 9 months now. We met on a gameshow and we've been crazy about each other ever since! Blake is outgoing, funny, honest, sweet, caring, and the best southern gentlemen there is who is always there for me no matter what! I love him so much!"

Luke and his boyfriend

"This is when Brandon graduated from Grand Valley. I couldn't have been more proud of him and vice versa (since I graduated the semester before.) We're both trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives!"

Liesel and her boyfriend and cat

"I love my boyfriend & I love my kitty--& they adore each other, too!
I'm a lucky gal."

Elsa and her boyfriend

"I want to tell you something about my valentine, my lovely valentine. Our age difference is big. A lot of people can't go on with that fact but I don't care. I love him. There was no one before I loved that much. He is the only one and no one will ever replace him. My valentine, my lovely valentine. I can't breathe when I'm with him because I'm so unbelievable happy. He makes indescribable moments indescribable. I love him!"

And now for my own...

Normally I'd write about my boyfriend Zach, but I gave my heart to someone else for the day. (You probably didn't think I was serious, did ya B?)

Here's to a wonderful month full of love in all forms!

PS: Head over to Femmena Mala to read an interview with me. My first feature!


  1. This post is so charming. Makes me get in the Valentine's Day mood.

  2. This is the sweetest post! I love the idea!! I may have to borrow it (and credit you, of course:) I LOVE "The Crazy Tea Lady" and Bobbie's was SO very sweet and just healthy it made me tear up.

    What a gorgeous display of the holiday and I'm SO glad that you didn't limit it to 'just' typical couples. How wonderful!
    *I promise I'm not glaring in my photo, the sun was just really REALLY bright:)

  3. Such a cute post. Also jealous you've met b! and how kind of you too...

  4. Lots of obviously happy couples here, but Bobbie's takes the cake. :)

  5. I'm happy you're all enjoying this little project!

    Elle, I actually pasted B's picture over a friend's face. :) I've only met her on-line thus far!

  6. What a super sweet post! I'll be with my bestie in NYC this year. Not a bad alternative to being with the hubs! xoxo

  7. I love this! It's so cute!!! Too bad I don't have a valentine this year... Hey, maybe you should do the same but for the singles out there and have some kind of a mixer-blog so we can cyber-mingle with potential dates here!!!

    XOXO to all you lucky bitches with cute boyfriends!!!

    Your single and ready to mingle friend...

  8. LOve the post, and the valentine to B!
    Congrats on your first feature! I'm sure the first of many to come!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  9. No one's going to notice this, but I need to clarify that the Brandon who commented above is not the same as the one aforementioned in this post, who is not single, nor ready to mingle for that matter.

  10. This is so sweet Steph. I loved reading about everyone's Valentines. It put the biggest smile on my face. I can be such a sap! I'm officially ready for Valentine's Day now. This calls for heart-shaped cupcakes...but that sounds tricky so maybe I'll just stick to cupcakes with heart-shaped sprinkles! x

  11. I love love LOVE this!!! So Sweet!!! H

  12. Such a wonderful post, it's great to see love everyone, not just significant others!

  13. Aww! This is the best post EVER! I know that's not a very insightful comment, but that's all I have to say about it. :)

  14. Loved your feature and this post is adorable. :]

  15. thank you for featuring :)
    you've got an award

    xx, elsa

  16. OMG, I love you. This actually made me weepy, but in a good way. Thank you for being such a sweetheart, and thank you for being my Valentine for the day :)

    This was a really nice idea for a post/Blog Event - I love the mix of responses you got, and am EXTREMELY flattered you included me. I think I felt my heart mend JUST a bit. :)

    Off to read your feature now!


  17. Fantastic and loving post.
    I did enjoy every bit of it.

  18. Ahhh, this post is so lovely and inspiring (and I truly mean that), especially your Valentine, Stephanie! You've actually made a cynic look forward to February 14th! :)

  19. This is a way cool post! I love the very last Valentine the mostest!! (Yes - I know that isn't in Websters) You are such a sweetie pie!! I hope B feels the love across the miles!! Who needs a man when you've got great girlfriends?

  20. Aww!!! I love this post!! It's so sweet and mushy and all lovey. Wonderful blog event, and again, great interview!! <3

  21. Yay! Thanks ladies. I had so much fun putting this together & hope to host more events in the future :)

  22. P.S. I am hosting a giveaway at my blog Obsessive Coolness, including Chanel, MAC & jewellery prizes, to celebrate 100 followers. In case you're interested, here's the link:
    All the best!

  23. This is a great idea! I'm married, so my husband is my first valentine, but my 5 year old daughter & (almost) 4 year old son are next up in line. I'm so grateful for my little family!! They make me nuts, but I return the favor. :) That said, Mr. Frye & I rarely do anything for Valentine's day. We're not much for organized romance. I'll get the kids some cute cards & some little treats though, & I'll make a special dinner for the fam.

  24. those pictures are lovely and sweet, perfect for the love month! :-)

  25. Total sweetness! I just loved all the different types of valentines people had. When I was single, (and living platonically with my ex-husband from when we were wayyy younger), I bought myself a dozen roses and put them on the mantle. My ex looked at the card and told me I was screwed to the moon and we had a good laugh. I'd signed my own card with "thanks for a lovely night, yours, Ralph Fiennes"

    A girl's gotta work with what she's got!

  26. Aww i really enjoyed this post, good seeing faces I recognise! That last shot reminds me of the movie 'Love Actually' - love that flick.

    B- i'll be your valentine doll!

    Stephanie, thanks for stopping by sweets, i'll see you soon! Have a fab rest of the week!

  27. Thank you so much for including my valentine, I had so much fun reading through them all!

    I've put a permanent link here:

  28. what a super fun post!!

  29. your blog is so incredibly original. I love it!



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