Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet

Congratulations to Buttaflybytes Buzz for being my 100th Google follower! You win, um, a virtual hug from me. Enjoy.

Anyway, I hope that the 30x30 shopping ban doesn't include shopping for others. Otherwise, I've cheated. I couldn't help but pick up a cute little box of macaroons for the boy as part of his Valentine's Day gift. Don't they look too sweet to eat? I highly suggest Bottega Louie for dinner and dessert the next time you're in Los Angeles!

I also purchased two adorable card sets from Claudia Kay Photography to send to faraway friends and family. I love the personal touches she included, especially a hand-written note!

PS: Yvonne of Fashion Recon (formerly Vogue Inspired Fashion for the Real World) recently hosted an event featuring yours truly along with some other blogger babes. Check it out!


  1. Nothing in this world like macaroons! They look so yummy. :)

  2. Do macarrons taste as nice as they look????.
    I love personal notes.If do don´t have any at the time, I make it.I also keep the ones people send me. Yours are really beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  3. hahhaha you're safe - the shopping ban is actually just on clothes and accessories related items for yourself. Or I've broken it by buying things like a phone cover and ink hahhaha.

  4. Mmm... delish! But is that a blue macaroon? What kind of crazy flavor is that?

  5. Hi there....thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and for your super sweet comment:)
    Im trying to follow you back, but it looks like the GF thingy isnt letting me:(
    Ill keep trying:)
    SO nice to meet you!

  6. those macaroons do look delish! Thanks so much for mentioning my sweet little blog baby!! I appreciate the promotion!!

  7. So sweet! Well, I really enjoyed the virtual love you left me at my blog :D Steph, you are so funny, I love your sense of humour because.. um, it reminds me of MY sense of humour lol!I read the plaid feature yesterday, and loved it,you guys look so cute!

    As for the macarons, j`adore. I think we should meet in Paris sometime and I`ll take you to the place I used to get them when I lived there growing up. Oui?

    xx Anika

  8. Ahh i wish i could make those OR buy them anywhere near where i live! argh so frustrating. great post. let me know if you want to follow each other :)

  9. Those look yummy! I have dieing to get out to LA and I think that just made me one step closer to achieving it. Where they as tasty as they look?

    Twitter: @YvonnaLivianna

  10. Hello Stephanie. i love macaroons they are my favor. i am off to go buy some. hahaha

  11. I'm so glad you loved your cards! You're so sweet for sharing them on your blog!

  12. Macaroons!!! I die. What can I say - the French do almost everything better. :) Craving Pierre Herme now haha.

    Laura @

  13. oh my goodness...I want to reach into the computer and snatch those Macaroons!!! lol


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