Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Guys have it so easy, don't they? As long as one gets a girl something pretty or tasty, she's pleased as punch. A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a piece of jewelry work well across the board. But as if they don't have enough options, I've made a wish list of cute accessories I'm longing for this Valentine's Day.

What girl doesn't lust after Tiffany? I've adored this ring for quite some time, and the necklace is just darling. Modern yet still classic, no?

I bought myself a charm bracelet last year, sans charms. These are a few favorites I'd love to add. Juicy is so cutesy!

Ah, Michael Kors. My favorite! Everything he touches turns to gold (or, in some cases, rose gold). Which watch do you like best?

I love these sunglasses from Burberry, but can't decide between the black or brown. Guess I'll have to have both -- what a tragedy!

PS: Stephanie of Life and its Other Drugs named me as one of her favorite bloggers and sent a darling e-mail saying I've inspired her. How sweet!


  1. Those gold watches are so pretty! I love masculine style ones like those. Definitely a nice Valentine's treat :)

  2. LOVE the charms and the sunglasses. I wish my daughters would like charms, because that would make gift giving so easy!

  3. Awww I love this list. Its so precious, especially the glasses. I have to say I'm not bold at all and so I generally would stick to the most neutral pallet ever (yes I'm SO boring, haha)

  4. Steph - you KNOW i can't shop for 3 more weeks!!! I love the sunglasses - both pair!! The ring is TOO cute!
    I have to say I am very glad you don't have either Vermont Teddy Bears or Hoodie Footie Pajamas in this list!! Are men really so gullible they would think women WANT those things for Valentine's Day?

  5. That first picture is darling! I love the XO necklace and the little cupcake charm. I wear my charm bracelet almost every day even though it only has one little charm on it. I really need to think about adding to it...or maybe my boyfriend really needs to think about adding to it ;) x

  6. We don´t do Valentine, just buy what we really want, and love each other every day.

  7. I rarely like pink... but that rose gold is so cute!! want.

  8. Top left watch, absolutely beautiful! You have great taste :)
    Thanks for the comment hun! (And LOL)
    P.S. Stephanie has it right! She has good taste too :)

  9. i like the pink watches! so pretty! and the sunnies! who wouldn't want that? i love them all! great picks!


  10. Oh my goodness, I have been lusting over the same ring from Tiffany's! and the oter gift ides's are sooo cute. This is why you are one of my favorite blogs =]

    PS. Thank you so much for mentioning my website. You continue to inspire me. Much love <3

  11. I own so much Tiffany's it is really a problem! Love the MK watches I have been wanting one for a very LONG time!! Good list! Thank you for sharing!


  12. The bottom right rose gold watch! It has such an elegant clean face. :)
    I actually HAVE a piece from Tiffany's! *shock*
    It's a silver tennis bracelet my boyfriend found on the beach(!)and didn't tell me. He put ads in lost and found columns,craigslist etc. for 3 months with no replies, so he gifted it to me, while sheepishly fessing up that he didn't pay anything for it.(I didn't care) I have to laugh when I put it on with my $5 t-shirts and my $10 jeans.

  13. That first photo is darling, as are all the charm bracelets! I've been lusting after a Michael Kors watch for months now... but with no valentine on the horizon I might just have to treat myself! Happy Valentines!! xx

  14. OMG - The firstpicture. Makes my mouth water :(

  15. nice valentine's options!! i hope he gets you the burberry's because i am LOVING burberry sunglasses. i think in this particular style i love the black a tiny bit more than the brown, though the brown is really gorgeous too. can't wait to see your gift!

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