Monday, March 21, 2011

Big mouth, bigger hair

Since beginning this blogging journey, I've received just as many comments on my hair as I do about my outfits. Truth be told, I never quite knew how to care for my mane. These locks were bestowed upon me by my father, who sported the same long, dark curls as I in the 70s. Since joining the corporate world, he keeps his hair short, but still has that rocker mentality. Well, sortof.

Anyway, I tried as hard as I could to keep my hair straight when I was a young teen. Back then, I remember girls exchanging stories about how they'd lay on the floor, hair spread out, while their mothers used a clothing iron to keep their daughters' strands stiff. As for me, I had what my sister lovingly called triangle hair: my roots would stay flat, but my ends would poof out. Two words: not cool.

Finally, I decided to stop fighting my hair's natural style (1999). I'd add some curling gel after showering and let my waves do their thing. I still didn't love my locks yet, but I was beginning to accept them. (Little did I know that years later, it would be "cool" to have big, messy hair again!)

Half-way through high school (2003), I decided to get a short haircut. For the most part, I still let it air-dry. This would've looked halfway decent, except that I parted it down the middle and didn't have bangs yet to cover my large forehead. I also didn't wear makeup, and my favorite outfit was jeans with a concert tee and sneakers. Needless to say, I ended up looking pretty man-ish.

However, to this day, I don't regret my morning routine before school. Because of my non-superficiality, I got at least one extra hour of sleep. I also knew who my real friends were, because they certainly weren't judging me on my fashion sense!

Two summers after high school graduation (2006), my hair had grown out and I was bored again. I got another drastic haircut, but this time, it was a short bob with a side part and bangs. I also had it dyed a light, light brown. I decided that I loved experimenting with different styles and colors and would continue to do so.

Once the warm season was over, I went back to my natural color.

Throughout the next year (2007), I let my hair grow, and then I'd get a trim, and then I'd let it grow a little more. Generally, I kept it above shoulder-length for awhile. (My personal style also began to evolve, if you couldn't tell already!)

Come fall, I needed another change and dyed it red.

I tried to dye it dark again a few months later, but that color stuck with me for about a year. It just wouldn't go away! I guess it knew it would have to match my new boyfriend's hair... and it looked pretty cute, if I do say so myself! (2008)

A few months later (2009), I graduated college and decided it was the best time to get a little crazy. I went blonde, and I mean blonde blonde. I loved it.

As fun as it was, the upkeep of being blonde cost more than I could afford. With my dark roots and fast hair growth, I was getting it touched up quite often. I had no choice but to go back to my natural color a few months later.

It stayed that way until this past December (2010), when I dyed it black.

And, that brings us to now! I'm trying to grow it out as long as possible, because I think it looks more flattering on me with my body type and general style... but it's getting so messy and tangly and scary. Brushing it is a struggle.

What do you think? Should I keep it this length, or switch it up? Hmm...

PS: Speaking of my dad, tomorrow I'm leaving for a week-long vacation to my home state of Michigan! I've barely unpacked from my move, or from my weekend in Las Vegas, for that matter... But anyway, I'll be able to check e-mail so feel free to send me your event submissions, advertising inquiries or general pleasantries:


  1. haha great post! love the pics!!!

  2. I love all the colors you've died your hair. It's so fun to play around with different dyes. I love the length you have now, but I agree, it's hard to maintain long hair, I'm struggling with it now too.

  3. I love the long hair girl...Id totally leave it this way....hoping to hopefully see you soon!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  4. I love this journey of your hair. Great pictures!! Have a great vacation!! :)

  5. I love your long hair -- so thick and pretty! It does look like it would be tough upkeep, but it really goes with your style.

    I have STICK STRAIGHT hair, and I've always tried to get that big beautiful hair thing going on without much success. I tend to get antsy about my hair too, changing it pretty frequently.

    I love seeing the progression throughout the years, so fun. I had a blonde time, too, and it I liked it... except for the upkeep. I feel ya there.

    Have a great trip!

    - Kristin, Relatively Chic

  6. you look so beautiful in all of your different styles. anything works on you, whatever you like. i kind of liked the bob with highlights, but the long dark curls are amazing. depends what you are doing and what makes you feel good wearing it. but don't over do coloring your hair, because there comes a time when a woman must color, and you don't want to be tired of it by then. Enjoy your natural hair color while you can.

  7. you have AMAZING hair. I used to have hair like that, but I pretty much messed it all up with all my flat ironing. I loved seeing the journey of your style growth! My favorite look is the long hair, so I say let it grow, let it grow hahaha. Long hair is so much fun (of course when you don't have to brush it out) You can do so much more with it. I love it hon!

  8. Your hair is AMAZING. I loved this trip down memory lane... I love that short bob on you. And the red. And the blonde. And now the long, curly, sexy messy hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have had a lot of the same experiences as you (blonde, red), but somehow I always end up back to natural brown or super-dark-almost-black brown. I have really fine but thick hair which has its own ups and downs to be sure!

    I LOVE how thick and gorgeous yours is.

  9. Your hair seems to look fab almost anyway! I love the short bob with the high lights! I think black and red suit you best! And hmm length- looks like you can rock any length- I have trouble some curly hair too, and I like mine on the shorter side- it becomes to hard to manage other wise!

  10. i'd say long dark and natural is the best of the bunch. you're hair is beautiful the way it is now. I know what you mean about the upkeep on long hair i play with the idea of cutting mine off all the time but i know i'll never keep short hair and growing it out is worse than anything.

    so i'll just suffer through the long hair. the days when its perfect are much more worth it then the days it's not for me so i just keep it. I miss my hair with bright red highlights though. If i had 120 bucks to spend on my hair every three months and 70 every other month aside from that i'd keep it that way.

  11. That last picture! I love it! Your hair looks healthy, and gorgeous. I wish I had all my different hair lengths/colors documented :/ Hair growth is the fucking best.

  12. i literally just laughed out loud like 5 times
    especially with the two pix of dad and the TRIANGLE HAIR THING OMG i totally forgot i called it that lmao

  13. Ahhhh! I love the evolution! I've probably got a similar journey tucked away in the paper & electronic archives. I've had my hair almost every color, curl and length. This is my fave to date on me. Oh, and it goes without saying I LOVE your hair. Seriously!
    The House in the Clouds

  14. I love this! I have very similar hair. It's been every color, even blue, though always long and curly. Right now it's really dark and I have bangs so we look kinda similar!

  15. Oh my goodness, this post is priceless! I think our Dads had the exact same haircut but now my Dad is bald ha! You've been so daring with your hair. If I started my hair story since high school it would be a total snooze fest. I was much more daring with my hair from ages 10-14. Now I'm just terrified to do anything to it! You look gorgeous at any length and colour. I love your long, luscious locks but I must say you look pretty darn cute with the shorter look as well. What can I say, you're just a babe! Have fun with the family. xo

  16. I love your hair the length you have it now. Also, darker is definitely better for you, it brings out your natural features. If you want to experiment in the future, I would suggest maybe a dark coco black mix for some texture. I am a big fan of big hair, or what some may call Metal hair! Natural hair is always best, so rock those curls and live fabulously fierce!!


  17. Lovely post. Photos of your dad are priceless!! You look great in all different hair colors and lengths, but I say leave the length and maybe go lighter for spring/summer.

    p.s. thank you for commenting on my blog. Hope you visit again soon. :)


  18. I love the way it is now, but i prefer longer hair. That said it was pretty amazing red to and it always nice to change things up every now and then!

  19. I quite like your long, wavy locks!

  20. What do you do to your hair? I think we have very similar hair styles and you should definitely keep it this length and color! You look soooooooooooo beautiful:) you really do! Keep it keep it keep it!

  21. I kinda think you can do no wrong- at least in the hair department.

  22. This is my first time on your blog and I LOVE it! I think your hair looks fab in ALL the styles, but I'm partial to longer hair, and I have to say it really suits you. If you're having problems with tangles, maybe you can increase your deep conditioning frequency? And opt for a wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush?


  23. Im all for leaving it this way! Looks amazing right now :)

  24. Have fun on vacation. I really loved seeing your hair transformation. I also have seen your blog everywhere, and I don't know why I waited so long to follow.
    My Heart Blogged

  25. That was a fun hair journey. I like the blonde but long,wavy, and black is the way to go.


  26. I love your long hair, but you obviously like experimenting, so do whatever makes you happy! You have great facial structure for a short haircut. I can't believe how good you looked as a red head, though! I'm shocked - I always thought it would be so hard for a naturally dark-haired girl to pull off red hair. Not sure I'll be trying it anytime soon, but you've got me thinking... :)

  27. I am so jealous of your hair! I love the length.
    My hair is dead straight, and doesn't curl all to well. It falls out of curls very quickly. Have a great trip home!

  28. My god, woman - I had no idea you were such a stunner!!! And you suit so many styles. I have to say, I love your hair now - it's so striking. Just chop a bit off it's getting too much, and switch it up when you really fancy a change.

    I'd love to get to grips with my own hair; it's thick and unruly like yours, and I've never managed to get a really good cut.

  29. Of all the looks the last pic of the hairspray is the best. I like your hair black long and wavy. But it was amazing to see the journey you've taken to get to that I didn't realise you'd been through so many different colours and hair styles!

  30. That last pictures is too cute! I love your blog, by the way (just discovered it!) Because I rock the long dark hair, I'm biased - but I like your current hair best!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  31. It's incredible... Everything suits you O.O
    The last photo is so cute :)
    Greetings from France !

  32. The photo of your dad is so cute....your blog tells everything about you and I'd say keep the look gorgeous especially with the last photo...


  33. KEEP IT LONG!! But LOSE the brush! Get a wide tooth comb - I have a Mason Pearson that is wonderful. When you have long curly/wavy hair a comb is your best friend and a brush is your biggest nightmare! I do own a boar bristle brush - but it might get used 3 times a year. This is a link to the comb:
    It is a little pricey at $28 for a comb but it is carved and smooth as silk and won't snag or break your hair. It is a really good quality comb and you know I don't work for them :)

  34. i loooove big long voluminous obnoxious hair! don't cut it! =)

  35. I love your "now" hair, but I found the straight bob to be really striking as well. I love experimenting with hair color & styles in general, but I've had my current cut & color for over two years. Its like a record!

  36. Your hair looks AMAZING long.

    Love the pix of your dad!

  37. Gorgeous hair is hard to come by, keep what you've got!

  38. love this idea for a post!! like a hair diary! your hair is amazing in all the photos :) xo

  39. Amazing post!!!Great shots, thanks for sharing!

  40. i love love love love your long hair. i think it looks gorgeous on you and it has such a gorgeous wave to it. i think you should keep it long, at least for awhile more!!

    if you're having trouble with tangles, i recently started using moroccan argan oil by organix. it's only 6 bucks for a bottle of it that has already lasted me a month and a half. it has worked wonders on my hair and keeps me tangle-free, smooth and soft. maybe that will help?

  41. Haha I loved seeing the evolution of your locks!
    I must say I think the way you have it now is by far the best!! :)
    I think black and wavy is stunning on you so keep it, until you're bored I guess :P

  42. Story of my life!! though a) haven't tried blone yet b) haven't grown out my hair so much!
    I have only one "tip": If long hair works for you keep it...but I guess you are a change-loving girl, soooo if you think it's time for a change then pay a visit to the hairdresser's!!!
    p.s. my latest post was also about hair :P

  43. I love that you had the confidence to post these. I have to say that you rocked each look!

  44. For one second I thought that picture of your dad with long hair was James Franco ;)
    You basically suit any hair colour, but I think you're at your sexiest with rich dark shades. Not a lot of people can pull off long dark locks but you do it greatly ;)

  45. I think you are truly lucky because you look great with all the different styles & colors -- you can just play and not have to choose one. If you're interested, I got a lot of tips for managing big wavy hair from the website, (especially the curltalk forum), and from the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey. You don't have to follow the whole regimen, but there are some useful styling ideas. You look great now, though, so maybe you don't need to. (But if brushing is difficult, one of their tips is: Don't! For real.) Good luck!

  46. I think that you can do no wrong with your hair. Seriously, you are so gosh darn attractive!!


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