Friday, March 4, 2011

Lounge :: Open House / The Nook

My two least favorite things in life are moving and being cold. I'm pretty sure hell isn't a hot, fiery furnace like people say; I think it's moving boxes and bags and furniture from one place to another in zero degree weather. Being lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, I only experienced one of these peeves during the past week.

My boyfriend Zach & I left our small, crappy apartment in Van Nuys for a bigger, crappier apartment in Sherman Oaks. (For the non-Angelenos out there, these are two neighborhoods in the Valley.) I selfishly decided we should live here because it's within walking distance to my gym and a Starbucks. Priorities, obviously.

Somehow, I feel that the only way for me to keep my new home organized and nicely decorated is if I commit to giving you, dear readers, a tour. This first segment is called The Nook, because I always wanted my own little corner in which I could do my makeup and get ready for the day, and now I have just that! Details are as follows. (Click here for larger version.)

This section of our bedroom is, quite appropriately, nestled in by the closet.

I can't publish this entry without saying thank you, thank you, thank you for your words of support and encouragement after I quit my job. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life! Thanks also for not leaving me during my absence the past few days. (I only lost one follower. Cool.)

After announcing my hiatus, fellow Stephanie tweeted: "This is like my mom telling me I can't have anymore chocolate!" Well, dear, this one's for you. Hope it was just the right amount of bitter and sweet!


  1. OO you have such fun jewelry! I feel so dissatisfied with much of my clothes lately, I need an overhaul this summer even though I keep doing that... Congrats on the move and the place looks great! good luck with everything.

  2. a) I am glad you're not cold
    b) i am sorry to hear the apt. is crappier, LOL
    c) in your own little corner......
    d) this is how organized you once were.
    e) I like reading your posts, so fun!

  3. Yay!, I'm glad the moving went well. But if hell is what you just described...I need to get right very soon lol. But I like jewelry rack in the closet. I actually need one soon.

  4. Moving stinks, but it's always great when it's over. I love how organized you are! I also love the fact that you have plaques that "make you look important". You are too funny, because, you ARE important!! <3

  5. Moving does suck but at least its a fresh start to get it all together and have a little breather. I hope you're getting nice and settled in. It looks like it.

    I look forward to seeing the rest and I'm glad you have internet again I need my tweet partner in crime and daily does of fashionable opinions :) see you later

  6. Where are Zach's clothes?

  7. Where does one find one of those round shoe racks?

  8. Too organized and tidy. I am uncomfortable.
    Hey I would love to meet you for coffee one day, but I will never move to L.A. I think you and Zach should consider relocating to Nor-Cal. We're cheaper and nicer. Better beer, too. Obviously.

    Happy weekend, Steph! xo. -Bella Q
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  9. Moving house is always an ordeal, but for the better. I would love to visit you ll one day.
    My dream come true: round the world from blogger to blogguer.
    I am not sure that we are following each other officialy. I will check.
    Mil besos and a fab weekend, dear Stephanie.

  10. I am following you now, yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  11. OMG...I HATE moving...and HATE being cold even more..thinking Michigan isnt the best choice for me as far as living arrangements, lmao....LOVE the new apartment....Im sure its going to feel like "home" in no time:)

    Happy you are back:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  12. Your new place looks super cute and WHERE did you get that jewelery organizer, I love it!
    I love being organized (its probably OCD) and you look pretty organized, it makes me want to go clean my room... again. ha

  13. Moving's a drag but it's nice having a blank slate to start over in. Loving your little "nook"!

  14. Wow. So relatable. I too just left a job that I recently got. I work two jobs, one as a manager at a spa (I'm still working there,) and i had recently landed another, working as a fashion/style editor for a growing website.

    After just 2 weeks, I noticed I was being abused and taken advantage of. I'm currently in school so the pay was near to non-existent and I was doing the work of the main editor and correcting everyone's work for free. The people I was correcting have their masters and were being paid on salary. They would throw the hard stories on me, the ones that required extensive research, and then they got to do the "cute shoes for spring, nailpolishes for spring" articles.

    Let's just say I won't be returning.

    Hope everything goes well in the corporate world.

  15. i look your nook!! it's super cute and feels like a lovely place to sit and unwind for a fashionista. i need to go and read your prior post as i've been a bit behind on blogroll lately due to the traveling, but i'm back baby! and i've missed you and i'm going to catch up right now!!!!

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
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  16. I was laughing out loud at the pic with explanations, important plaque and all :) you are so funny and sweet. congrats on the move! hugs for you :)

    xx Anika

  17. The shoe tree is from Target and the jewelry hanger is from Woodlore!

    And Zach's clothes are in that bin on the top shelf. See the dinosaur footie pajamas? Yep.

  18. Moving into a bigger place. THat is always super nice. Moving sucks (but it will be worth it to be closer to the things you looovvee -haha). Loving all your jewelry and colorful clothes (ahh the fun things you can wear when you live in LA). Hope the moving goes well!!!! Loves Heidi

  19. YAY I have my Chocolate back..and just in time!! lol That was so cute =D thanks. I didn't know you were serious about using my tweet to quote lol. Love it.

    Speaking of things I love, I love love love your nook! So cute. One day I will have a space of my own just like the wonderful one that you created. I think it is so cute, and I really want your closet!! =D

  20. GREAT blog!
    You have to stake a claim on your own space, it's important! If only I had when we moved in I would have a room of my own instead of part of a closet and my kitchen table!

    Come enter my giveaway

  21. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who colour-codes their wardrobe... do you ever get as much stick as I've done?!

    Good work on the move - hope you settle in soon... x

  22. Email me your NEW address, Steph. So when I finally mail you your prizes it will get to you. Let's shoot for 2013, shall we?

    Ah, I feel so bad about my ballzdropping.
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  23. horays for nook! Nook,nook,nook, I enjoy this word. I read this post BEFORE your "quit my job" post, and I was all O.o and then I read it and I was all :)
    I like that the closet is all YOURS mwahaha! The location sounds fan.tastic.
    A word, ALL rentals are crap. This is the way. At least you did not have to rip out vomit inducing hall carpet and sand/refinish the hardwood while your useless-as-a-third-nipple landlord watched. HA! beat that. :)
    Congrats guys!
    -Jude (namaste27)

  24. I laughed when I read someone asking about Zach's clothes, but laughed harder when I saw your answer!! Love the jewelry organizer. I organize my clothes that way too!!

  25. the accessory organizer rocks. I can never find anything when I need it : (

  26. That shoe rack! WANT! That jewelry holder: ALSO WANT!!!

  27. Your new place looks super cute and I totally love your shoe rack!

  28. Amazing collection and the wardrobe! So much organised! Lot to learn from this!

    Yishun new condo


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