Monday, March 14, 2011

Style Nation Blogger Meetup 2011

I'm back from the Style Nation Meetup, which you may have read about in January or on Thursday before I left. I'm still on a high from how incredible the weekend was! The ladies in attendance: Beverly of Style Underdog with friends Melissa & Stephanie in tow; Yvonne of Fashion RECON with her guest Sissy; Fabienne of The House in the Clouds; Cynthia of No More Frump; and myself with Bryn, whom I introduced here. That's 9 fashionistas on a mission to take over Las Vegas!

The first thing we all did Friday night was meet up for dinner at Margaritaville in our hotel, The Flamingo. Bryn and I needed makeovers after our drive from LA, and as we got ready, my fashion horizons were already broadening -- I mixed patterns!

I wore Bebe, Express, Target and Ann Taylor.

Bryn wore Free People, Urban Outfitters and Ann Taylor.

Once at the restaurant, we ordered -- what else? -- margaritas! I was pretty impressed by this one, which seemed never-ending, but we took a few glasses to go. Don't worry, open containers are legal in Vegas, as long as you're walking!

I was pleased to find a veggie burger on the menu.

I'm trying to find the words to describe how amazing it was to meet other bloggers whom I've been interacting on-line with for months. Beverly commands attention when she enters a room with her 5'10" height, rockin' hair and powerful personality. It's no surprise, then, that she's the fearless leader who had the idea for this event in the first place! Yvonne is a sassy southern belle with sleek locks and an adorable drawl that makes everything she says downright charming. She was the star of our table at dinner, attracting attention from the table of men behind us! Fabienne is shorter than I thought, but perhaps it's her air of self-confidence that elongates her figure in photos. She's just as relaxed and down-to-earth in real life.

I promised Bev I'd post a photo of the hot new shoes she debuted that night.

After dinner, a bunch of us went to Marquee for drinks & beats. Fabienne & Yvonne were dressed to kill! Thanks to Bryn & I's friend Troy, we skipped the line and got in for free. Gotta love that VIP treatment!

The night ended with Bryn, Troy & I having one last cocktail in the hotel room. Do I even need to say that we had fun?

Morning came and it was time for breakfast. We all met up at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris, my favorite casino! I love the beautiful architecture and intricate decor.

I wore Forever 21, Express and Plato's Closet.

Bryn wore Urban Outfitters and Ann Taylor.

I gushed over Beverly's accessories while we waited to be seated.

My meal had carbs galore!

We snapped a group photo before heading off to the shops.

I'm proud to announce that Bryn & I only purchased one item each during the entire duration of our Las Vegas trip, and we really made it count. Both of us stepped into Michael Kors and found pieces that we'd been lusting after for months! We experienced the best customer service we'd ever received, including hugs and champagne from the assistant manager. Her name is Lida and I highly suggest you visit her at Caesars the next time you're in the area!

Bryn & I changed into clubwear that night before heading to dinner.

I wore Ann Taylor, Guess and vintage with my new watch!

Bryn wore Ann Taylor and Free People with her new shoes!

The two of us went back to our Italian roots and ate at Canaletto in the Venetian for dinner. We split angel-hair pasta and a caprese salad. Yummy! Then we were off to Tao, getting in free again thanks to our main man. We danced for hours, shutting the place down at five in the morning. It was an amazing night!

Soon, morning came and it was time to check out. I couldn't believe how quickly my weekend vacation went by! I decided that if I ever needed a self-esteem boost, I had to go on another trip with a group of girls. The meetup lifted my spirits and inspired me in so many ways. Needless to say, I'm happy I went.

By the way, I tipped housekeeping. I always do, and so should you!

Bryn & I decided we needed one last big meal before making the trek back to LA.

I wore Forever 21, Ann Taylor, Target and Payless.

We went to Hash House A-go-go, the popular joint for locals.

The servers were wonderful -- especially Bob, who hooked us up with free mimosas!

Everything was delicious, but the highlight was freshly made peach jam, provided for my biscuit. Unfortunately, it wasn't available for purchase -- but I promise you I would've brought a trough of it home! (It's in the tiny tin, top-left corner.)

Special thanks to the Style Nation organizers who put together this awesome event: Beverly, Yvonne and Tairalyn (who deserves a congratulations also, as she is pregnant and therefore couldn't make the meetup). Thanks also to the lovely companies who provided the swag for our bags: Cheeky, Bentley's Teas, Joe Fresh, We Love Colors, and Darling Digits.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! You are THE most fabulous!!! I love you, girl!

  2. Omg! Looks like you had such fun!! I love your Ann Taylor dress, and those leopard heels are fab!! :D


  3. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the group photo! Everyone looks like so much fun. I wish I can make the next one!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I really need to make it to one of these meetings! I love how you and Bryn rocked the high socks on the first night and you know from twitter how much I adore your Ann Taylor, fishnet, hoops and hot leopard heel ensemble. I know I've said it before, but your boyfriend is one lucky fella!! Thanks for sharing these Steph. I feel like I got to experience a little part of it as well now. I'm so glad you had a blast. xoxo

  5. How cool that everyone all look like you had a fab the pics.....yayyyy for your new purchases too...everyone looked fabulous!!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Free People Giveaway!!♥

  6. looks like such a great time!!!! amazing pics :)

    <3 steffy

  7. Looks like you had a blast!!! :)

  8. This looks like so much fun! Good food and good company makes for the best of days!
    Love your blog doll, definitely your newest follower!
    Have a great day :)

  9. Oh my goodness hon!! It looks AMAZING!! And of course you all looked fantastic! I would have cut off my left foot to go..but being under 21 and in Vegas would have been a buzz kill hahaha. I am so happy for you, that you had an amazing time, and meet some of my fav bloggers! That were introduced to me, by of course you! haha :D

  10. Thanks for the comments, ladies! I truly had a wonderful time and I know this post will allow me to relive the memories for years to come.

    LaCara & Brooke, that blue dress was actually a $20 vintage find! Can you believe it? The leopard pumps and fishnets are Ann Taylor; the hoops are Guess.

  11. What a great write up! Thank you for all your kind words. It was so wonderful to finally meet ya face to face! Bryn is so pretty and sweet!
    Hope we can do it again!

  12. Looks like it was a great weekend. I'm loving the photos.


  13. Oh my goodness. I'm traveling along with you next time! You look like you all had so much fun and it doesn't seem like a shred of you was sick in these pictures. I'm so glad.

    The new watch looks awesome, i want an up close and personal picture of it!

    The food looks wonderful, I'm glad you documented it so well for a foodie like me! I loved Mon Ami Gabi. I went there the last time I went to Vegas it was really good.

    I'm so glad you got to have such an awesome experience blogging really is bitchin :)

  14. Oh my gosh- this looks like an absolute blast! I love all the outfits and food and sun... and now I'm incredibly jealous! I also love how you and Bryn's outfit's complemented each other (for the most part) now that's smart dressing! xx

  15. Bryn & I only halfway planned matching looks! ;)

  16. Loving the group photos. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time.
    Maybe one day I will be able to come and meet all of you
    Lee x

  17. OMG... to be young again:)

    Paris saw the big margarita and said, 'chug chug chug!'

    And now she just said, "MOM! Do you have to post everything I say on facebook or blogs???" "Seriously."

    You're adorable and it looks like a GREAT time!

  18. And, btw, you look SMOKING HOT in that yellow skirt!

  19. You really captured your experience for us! It looks like you had such a great time and how fun to be able to meet up with some fellow bloggers...amazing~Meredith

  20. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! THIS POST DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!!!!!!!

    oh my god, how much FUN does this look!?!? there is so much i loved. first of all, thank you for taking the time and effort to catalogue all the various parts of your trip. that is so cool. makes us feel like we were there.

    second of all, i LOVE those photo collages of like 4 or 3 photos in a row of you ladies in the same outfit doing different poses. so cute. you and bryn are both gorgeous and so photogenic.

    third of all, GREAT OUTFITS! fabulous does not even begin to describe how amazing you looked love! and bryn too, so cute!! i must get myself onto the other blogs that participated in the meet up so i can see the event from their eyes as well. =)


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  21. Wow it looked like you had such a great time I'm super jealous and wish I could have attended a. to meet all you great guys and b. because I've always wanted to visit Vegas. I wish there were more meets like this in the Uk.

  22. Jealous! It looked liked you had so much fun! And of course you have to strut your stuff! You look so adorable in all your outfits, but I have to say Day 1 is my personal favorite! Super cute cute cute!

  23. You busted out some fabulous looks woman!

  24. Sounds like you all had a great time! Loved your outfits and all the foodie pics.


  25. In LOVE with the last outfit. Yellow skirt FTW!!!

  26. I love how you and Bryn wore complimentary outfits without looking matchy matchy! Looks like so much fun!



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