Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Blog Event: Contest Winner & What I Wore

Aren't you excited to know who won? Too bad! I'm going to keep you in suspense and tell you a bit about my recent 24th birthday. (You could just scroll down, though.)

My day started off with sleeping in and relaxing and having pizza for breakfast.
Then Zach & I then headed downtown for a night out in the city!

Do you recognize the charm bracelet? Here's a little reminder.

99% of what I'm wearing is from Ann Taylor. In fact, 99% my closet is from there, because I've been with the company for almost three years! By the way, I recently got a promotion, which means I'll have more money, and then more clothes.

For the remixers out there:
I wore these shorts the next day with a black blazer and pumps for work.

After the boyf graciously took this photoshoot, we were off to explore LA!

The night began at Seven Grand, which boasts 300 types of whiskey.

I was more into the decor than the drinks, though. Check out that wallpaper!

After that, it was time for pasta & wine at Bottega Louie. Zach does not like having his picture taken, but he let me this time -- it was my birthday, after all!

Our last stop: classy cocktails with metal straws at speakeasy-esque The Varnish.

All of these places are within walking distance of each other and I highly suggest you visit them the next time you're in the area. I plan on doing this little tour again!

I ended the night by cuddling this guy. I wish he was mine.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winner of the 2011 Birthday Blog Event is...


She will receive these cute prizes and a free ad for her blog!

I cut down her story for the contest, but since she won, it's only fair that I post the full-length version. I hope it inspires you! Thanks for sharing, Jen!

"This is going to sound so weird, but my favorite birthday outfit was a hospital gown. Not that I was happy to be in the hospital on my 21st birthday (2002), hooked up to IV anti-biotics and a morphine drip because somehow I'd gotten MRSA... on that morning, though, as so much of my life was falling into a chaos no one could have imagined for me, I woke up and felt my hand being held, and when my eyes half fluttered open, a friend, someone I had been crushing on for a year and half but knew nothing would ever happen with, was holding my hand.

As I stirred, so did he, and he looked up at me from his chair next to my bed, the eleven red roses (eleven being the number of roses one gives someone they truly love according to florists, not a sign of him being cheap) he had brought me sitting beside him on my bedside stand, he looked up and said, 'No one should wake up alone on their birthday, but especially not one as important as their 21st.'

As my eyes fluttered closed again, I heard him whisper I have half a mind to die, So I won't ever have to lose you girl, Won't ever have to say Good-bye which are David Gray lyrics from the song Please Forgive Me. I had put them on a mixed CD of David Gray music for him a few weeks prior to that and the day before the infection took hold on me, he had confessed to listening to it every night since I'd given it to him as he drank himself to sleep, which sounds sad, but he was in no way an alcoholic which made it even sadder.

My birthday would be the only time I would ever wake up next to him. A month later, I would meet the boy who would become my boyfriend, then fiance, and then ex-fiance. Two weeks after he and I got together, he sent me a dozen roses to my office, and the friend from my hospital bedside came in, looked at them on my desk and laughed... all he said was 'How classic. A dozen.' It would be a few years before I knew that florists considered there to be a significance to eleven roses vs twelve.

Two weeks after that he began dating the woman who would, within a year, become his wife, and when they married, he had finished medical school and they moved away, and I never spoke to him again. But every year, on my birthday, as my eyes flutter open, I do yearn to be wearing a hospital gown, waking up next to a boy who would quote David Gray while holding my hand.

I wasn't going to enter, because you said photos were needed, but... I find myself looking at the choices I've made lately, the boys I didn't kiss when I should have and all the ones I have kissed when I should have run in the other directions, and this boy very much falls into the first category, and that birthday... well, it was... as horrible as it was, was one of the best ever for me.

And so I decided to write to you. I didn't even think it'd count as a submission, given that I had no photo... I just wanted to share it."


  1. I celebrated my birthday this past week as well!!!

    Sounds like you had a blast.... we've been meaning to check out 7Grand for awhile now. Going to show this photo to the husband to remind him of it!!!!!!

  2. Many congrats to Jen! So lovely that you did this giveaway darling. And pumpkin, you look georg! I am in love with your shoes! Sending you big hugs and smooches darling. <3

  3. You are looking haute as ever..Happy Birthday Sweets.....congrats to the winner as well:)

  4. ;) thanks for the update <3

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday! You look so cute, and I adore your shoes!!! These are some great pictures :)

  6. Nice photos - looks like you had a really great birthday! And I totally love Ann Taylor, huge chunks of my wardrobe are from there and Loft.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Adorable. Sounds like an awesome low key birthday. you guys look amazing. I'm so glad you had a great birthday, you deserve it. Those shoes are fantastic! <3

  8. Your outfit is so cute :) very summery! Happy belated birthday!

    Laura @
    P.S. Yes, Topshop USA will also have the Dress Up collection. :)

  9. Wow I loved the fedora hat that you wore, I have one hat for summer which fits me. But I wanted one in winter I found one in H&M and never bought it, gutted as I could never find it again after that. I have a bean head so it's small and hat's don't fit it very often.

    Good to see you had a great birthday. The bar with all the whiskey's looked super cool.

  10. Diggin' the bermudas! Happy late birthday.

  11. Happy belated Birthday, doll! And congrats to the winner of your contest!
    The hat is great, what a signature look, but those shoes I must beg, borrow or steal. Where? When and why? Must have!

  12. @Kirstin, Steffy & Bella: Believe it or not, the shoes are from Ann Taylor! You can find them here.

  13. WooHoo Happy Birthday!! :D Sounds like you had fun.

  14. Love the full story! It's so beautiful wow =) Congrats to Jen, well deserved!

  15. Ack!!! Steph, how did I miss your birthday?? See what happens when you drop off of Facebook for a few days? I'm gonna put it in my iCal so I'll never miss it again! Happy Belated Birthday!! Love your outfit!
    : ) Liesel

  16. you look really lovely! that belt makes this outfit look perfect!

  17. Those wedges are so gorgeous. Sadly I do not 178 bucks to buy them. Ill just have to keep hunting for the perfect (cheap) pair. Happy Birthday!!

  18. hi love,
    i think you are the first person to truly compliment me and to notice all of my efforts, and for that i kinda love you! i actually have a strict daily schedule for it all that wears me a bit to thin, but i am hoping will one day be worth it. i am going to share my secret with you :) don't tell!

    i workout at 6:50am
    i get to work ay 8:30am and i comment comment comment! i try to answer everyone who has commented me, and i answer everyone on bloglovin and GFC( but usually don't do ALL but most) any free time at work, i blog. i also post my entries around 10am
    after work i get home and quickly take my outfit pictures before the sun sets!
    and i mail out all etsy orders on mondays!
    does it sound more possible to you now??? haha if i miss out on one second i could mess up the whole order!!!

    <3 steffy

  19. oh, and i work a desk job, which leaves me lots of free time!

  20. Love the shoes! I am an April Baby too :)

    love from San Francisco,


  21. Happy belated birthday! I love your shoes, so cute. That is one of my favorite areas downtown. There are so many great hidden bars and the people watching at Bottega Louis is amazing.

    Glad your birthday was fun!

  22. Cute outfit hun and Happy Birthday! You totally rock the cardi and stripes look effortlessly...Loving the peekaboo brights underneath...Such a lovely ensemble for spring...thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog


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