Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open House: The Lavatory

That sounds so much better than bathroom, right?

We have a pretty typical one: shower-slash-bathtub, toilet, sink, mirror, all that jazz. I decided to liven things up with some candles and fake flowers. I mean, we spend so much time stinking up the place -- we might as well try to make it cute!

I also hung up a framed piece of art that Zach's mother made using bits of glass found on Lake Superior. It's unique and special and adds color to the room.

I hope you can't tell that the one candle in a candleholder doesn't fit. Either way, now you know that I bought candleholders that don't fit my candles. Oops.

Also, the toilet lid isn't down. I could re-take these photos, but I'm not. I never claimed to be good at this housekeeping thing, I just said I would document it.


  1. Hahaha.. I think your "private space" is pretty darn nice girl!! Love the decorations:)

  2. It really looks cosy.I have to have a second look at mine hehehhe.

  3. Oh no, I would not have noticed any of that if you didn't say anything, lol!

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  4. My bathroom is kind of war zone right now (okay maybe all the time). Yours looks a little fancy, and inviting.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. Lol... that's better looking than my bathr... I mean lavatory ANY day! I stink at housekeeping!!

  6. Your "lavatory" (it does sound better than bathroom or toilet, but I feel like I'm on an airplane saying it, haha!) looks so nice! Much more modern and updated than mine. I have retro pink and white tiles and that fools gold in the white counter top, with an old sink. It's old, but I like it :)

    I think your candles look nice, regardless if their holders don't fit. Candles are ALWAYS nice. :)

  7. Your loo makes mine look like an out house. Needless to say all I bought was a white shower curtain, I pity my boyfriend.

  8. OOO thank you for documenting! My fave part? The candles that don`t fit properly :) lovely daaahling! You have many talents my dear, creating a lovely ambience clearly is one. Love you!

  9. A job well done! I always love candles in the bathroom! :D


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