Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loudmouth Look : : Behind-the-scenes work on new layout!

I met up with Liesel the other day to discuss my new layout coming soon here on THE-LOUDMOUTH.COM! She has been doing my graphic design since the beginning. From our first meeting I knew that not only would we be good business partners, but great friends! She is a total sweetheart and amazing at what she does, so I highly suggest her for your future needs! I have to confess that we met up at Starbucks, but certain occasions call...

After I showed her my super craptastic drawing of what I wanted done, she generously offered to take photos of me... but not until I got some of her, first! Can you tell that she's an actress at heart?

I wore a dress that she gave me, and it happens to fit perfectly. I was so excited to accessorize and show it off! What do you think?

Outfit details:
Dress - Swapped from Liesel
Belt - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Plato's Closet

Have a great weekend!


  1. oh fun! can't wait to see the new layout/design!!!

  2. the dress she gave you is so cute and i love the back cutout! cant wait to see the new layout!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. How exciting. And the dress is gorgeous :) She sounds like a sweetheart!

  4. You both look marvelous! Loving that dress, espesh with the pop of green in the belt. And I can't wait to see the new layout!

  5. I am excited for your new layout!!!

    I plan on dealing with my layout etc. sometime towards the end of June....

    and ps---- I think the dress is adorable!

  6. ooooh i love the opening in the back of that dress. so sexy!


  7. I love that dress! I love spring/summer and all the dresses it ensues!

  8. oh i love the back of that dress and the belt is lovely too. good luck on your blog re-design!

  9. I'm excited for you!

    can't wait to see what it'll look like.

  10. I'm really excited to see your blog when its all done. I can't wait! That dress is so pretty, and you look so pretty in it! I love the back cut out detail.

  11. I can't wait to see your new design, and I love the floral dress on you.

  12. Love the dress - and yay for new layout!

  13. I am so exited to see, and I KNOW it will look great! Go Steph! Ps, love the dress <3

  14. I was actually just thinking that I should probably find someone to create new business cards for me. Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to see the new layout. :)

  15. The back of that dress is such a great unexpected twist- LOVE it.

  16. I'm excited to see your new blog design! Don't worry about your scribbles, the one's I did to figure out my blog design looked a lot like that, and I'm a trained designer with 4 years of art school under my belt. (:

    Love your dress! But I really like the belt with it. Super cute.


    P.S. I finally posted your Barbie necklace on my design blog. Go look at it!


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