Friday, May 27, 2011

Loudmouth Look : : Two ways to wear a floral print dress!

I wore this dress while visiting Michigan a couple months ago with boots and a scarf. I brought it back out for an introduction to California sunshine, my brightly-colored cardigan and a fedora!

Outfit details:
Dress, shoes - Target
Necklace, bracelet, cardigan - Ann Taylor
Bag - Michael Kors

These photos are from a breakfast date I had earlier this week with Bryn. We met up at Chez Nous for croissants and chit-chat, with an antique-ing session afterward. I must admit that I broke my shopping ban for the first time and caved for a pair of $5 shoes. But seeing as that's as much as my coffee, I'm not ashamed!


  1. I really love bryn's style! She looks so classy, and she has on such a great necklace! And I love your bright orange cardi!

    Live Life in Style

  2. Yes that orange is my favorite color right now. Its my go to color for the summer! Love this!


  3. $5 shoes? You better. Sorry; I'm kind of an enabler, huh?

    You both look gorgeous and I'm loving all the hat-rocking that's going on!

  4. ooh love your dress and it looks fantastic re-styled with that adorable hat + cardy! And I'm loving Bryn's outfit too, want that necklace!! xx veronika

  5. I la la loveee how different the looks are but go SO perfectly with the different seasons. I tend to look like I live in fall/winter all year long! hahaha

  6. I am particularly fond of your fedora!

    And as far as breaking the shopping ban--- I am going to give you a pass! Especially considering that you only spent $5!!!

  7. Darling, the dress is lovely! But the HAT, oh, you had me at the hat. So sexy.

  8. I love the bright cardigan and fedora - so cute! And, seriously, $5?! C'mon, that doesn't count...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. ooh i love the orange! im so obsessed with the orange right now. its so bright and cheery. (can we all start calling it "the orange"?)


  10. Before I begin, I must say that I absolutely love what you have done with your blog!! :D Very nice!

    Now, I also have to say that I am loving that floral print dress. (I'm kind of addicted to anything with a floral print!'s my weakness)
    I just love how floral prints make me feel so girly.

    And I can't believe you found $5 dollar shoes!! If I ever go out west to California, I am def going to be checking out that place :D

  11. That dress looks lovely on you. I love it with the bright cardi and that hat. You look divine. $5 shoes are acceptable break for a shopping ban. I'm nervous...I start mine on Wednesday!!


  12. I really like the dress with your bright cardi. That food looks to die for. Have a great holiday weekend!

  13. Since I adore hats SO much, I really appreciate you two beauties rocking the hats so well! I love that first photo of you with the orange= great pose! I think you can be entirely forgiven for breaking the shopping ban, because you have recieved such an amazing deal $5? that's my kinda of shopping! -xxoo
    *Get in on the V+V Series

  14. OH.. Helloooooo summer!! Beautiful bright orange on you!
    Great inspiring outfit.. well.. that beautiful smile helps a lot..
    I want your hat
    lee x

  15. I love you in the orange!!! And $5 shoes...ok, I wouldn't feel bad about that one gal and you lasted quite a while. Love the hat! Also, you have like the greatest poses.

    I am STRUGGLING w/ ban, homie. All these summer things are giving me itcy trigger finger! Memorial day sales...ahhhh, worst.

    What are you thoughts on spending a gift certificate? Breaking ban? Not breaking ban? Eep.

  16. Really cool blog. I try to put myself on a $25 per week shopping limit every year as my New Year's resolution and by week 3 it's all gone to hell. Hopefully you have more success than I have had. :)

  17. I love the orange cardi with that dress. I also LOVE Bryn's necklace and handbag! To die for - that jewelry!! Shoes for $5 are perfectly acceptable!! Chez Nous > wish I were you!


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