Saturday, May 21, 2011

Loudmouth Lounge : : Living Room (before)

So far, I've showed you these three areas of my home. They were the smallest and probably easiest to complete!

Zach and I have lived in this apartment for two months now and the rest of the place is still in a state of disarray. You caught a peek of my living room in this post, but here is what it normally looks like...

The room includes two bookshelves, a TV stand, a coffee table, couch and futon. All of these pieces were free -- either found abandoned or given to us as gifts. I'll include more details in the "after" post.

We also have a folding table (see foreground) that is normally used as a catch-all, piled high with jackets and bags. It really should be tucked away and only used for parties.

The futon has been folded down lately for sprawling out while watching movies. The coffee table is used as nothing more than a tray for eating upon. I attempted to decorate with beach-scented candles and plan to display cute picture books.

As you can see, the walls are bare; I have art yet to be hung. Also, we're in desperate need of a bigger bookshelf to hold our vast DVD collection.

The shorter bookshelf houses Zach's collection of reads, along with more movies. We've rested CDs and other things on top that don't have a place yet. Next to the shelf is a laundry basket full of more books and some games. Again, we really need more shelving! The apartment has plenty of cupboard space, but I don't like things being hidden.

The couch is a sea of paper: unopened mail, receipts, bills. A dress and bra of mine are also in view. My clothes pretty much cover our entire apartment! A filing cabinet (and a bigger closet) could be useful for this mess. On top of the couch are two art pieces waiting to be hung.

Now that you've seen what it looks like before I hope the "after" looks even better. I hope to have this room done within the month!


  1. Love it! Come and see my new post! Would love to have u as a follower.. Beso from buenos aires

  2. I love that you did such a thorough and untouched before. I know I would be intimidated to that (I am too vain!!!). Can't wait to see what you do with it...

  3. I am really exited to see what you do with it honeybun! It is a great space! I also love that you showed the real before pictures. I am almost done getting my new place toghether my self, and am dying to show you pics lol. It is the next best thing after actually having you over. Have been seriously considering getting a cut out of you love! lol. I love you Stephanie, there are no two ways about it. Big kiss for you and say hi to your boyfriend too.

  4. Um, this is my house. I feel like I need so much more shelving, and storage space. It's like nothing has a place, and it drives me CRAZY. I can't wait to see how you tackle everything.


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