Saturday, May 14, 2011

Open House: The Office

This, my friends, is where the magic happens.

It's a corner of our living room that I use as my office space. Think of it as another nook! I love having a personal area to work on my writing and photography projects.

I've always been an avid reader, and books are important to me. I keep my collection in ROYGBIV order -- an idea stolen from Anika. I love having my bookshelf close in proximity as I write; it's inspiring. My favorite authors are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Shauna Niequist, Megan McCafferty and Janet Evanovich.

On the second shelf I have my favorite movie on display: 500 Days of Summer. This film speaks to me in so many ways, and I love everything about it -- the story, the soundtrack, the visuals, the acting. Zach acquired the script through a connection in the industry, and I cherish it. I keep the DVD and script together always.

Below that is where I keep my photo albums and scrapbooks. With them is a framed photo of Zach and I taken in college. The frame was from a family friend of his and the bookshelf was ordered from for about $25.

I keep old magazines on the bottom shelf; I've always had trouble throwing them away. I love cutting out photos and creating collages or looking at former trends. Each issue speaks to me and reminds me of a different time in my life.

Above the bookshelf I've hung a few framed items: a signed Jack's Mannequin poster, a drawing from Flapper Doodle, and a photo by Sarah Tucker won in a giveaway. I got to choose the print, and thought this one suited my CA home.

The gold frame was $3 at Goodwill and the silver ones were 3 for $5 at Walgreens. I also hung up a gumball machine mirror -- isn't it cute? I'm not sure where it's from, but I've had it since I was a little girl; perhaps my mother got it at a craft show.

Until recently, my college degree was stuffed into a box yet to be unpacked. I've never put it on display before, but decided I should. I earned that piece of paper!

I use CDs to back up my photos. I know I should get an external hard drive, but as you should know by now, I'm technologically challenged. My 2005 Acer laptop only holds 34.2GB which is, to put it in perspective, 93% less than a MacBook Pro. The screen doesn't work so I have it hooked up to a Dell monitor, provided by Zach.

My desk is always piled with new books and magazines I haven't had the chance to dive into yet. It's never this nicely laid out. Fearless Fourteen is the book Zach got me for our anniversary; I'm in the process of reading & collecting the entire series.

On the desk are more framed prints: a senior photo of my sister from 2008, another Flapper Doodle drawing, and a photo of Zach that I took for a class. The desk was purchased through Craigslist for $5 over a year ago and has held up nicely.

I love my little corner and spend most of my time here.


  1. I love how your books are colour coordinated! It's like a miniature rainbow!


  2. Very cute space!!!!! I need to figure out a better solution for what I am doing now (ie spreading out on the dining room table!)

  3. HUGE fan of your bookcase. That is seriously bad ass.

  4. Nice to see your lovely corner.

  5. Your work space is so much better organized than mine - color me envious!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. I love your space! Having the books set up like that is so cute! For some reason I think of a candy, maybe skittles? Maybe because of the rainbow of colors!

  7. I like your little corner. I can totally see you working there. Just add one picture of me in your photo album and we're all set!

  8. Love your office space! And how amazing is it you have the script to 500 days of summer!!! I love that movie! You're so lucky!!

  9. love your space!! and it made me smile to see the photo up (:

  10. Such a perfect (and organized and clean) space! Mine is in the kitchen and doesn't look as pretty as yours...ok, you've inspired me...

  11. Great space! I love 500 Days of Summer as well & I like the idea of color coding books!

  12. you belove corner...great space babe!!! and those collection of neat!!!!


  13. Loving the color- coordination!
    I might just have to do this.


  14. I like your office space very much! I was too, inspired Anika's color coordinated bookshelves but looking at my books I don't have many of the same mine are height co-ordinated!
    I keep old magazines too (especially foreign editions that I buy when I travel), but they are stuffed in boxes. Gotta make some space in my shelves for them too...sometime :)

  15. Please tell me you cleaned up before you took those photos...that office puts mine to shame!~Meredith

  16. Trust me, it never looks like this! I cleaned it up just for you guys.

  17. Such a cute office!! I love how you have all the books arranged! My dining room in our apartment has turned into my office! :)

  18. I tried to organize my books like this, but it doesn't look anywhere near this good. I think I just have too many black, white and brown books. Have any tips to share?

  19. Your corner is awesome, all the personal touches and organization. I have my books by color, too. And I freakin' love Janet Evanovich. I started reading her Stephanie Plum series last year, it's such fun. I think I only read as far as the eighth or ninth so I have to get back into it this summer!

  20. yay--i totally agree--there's just something about 500 Days of Summer that is just so engaging. would watch that movie every time it came on tv.

  21. I love the color coading of your book shelf! Looks like a fun office to work in!

    Live Life in Style

  22. Really good pics! Looks like you're really organized :)



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