Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trials & Tribulations of a Style Blogger

I wouldn't have the blog name that I do if I wasn't an honest, perhaps even blunt, person. So I'm gonna say it, because we're all thinking it... we don't get enough credit. We meaning style bloggers -- or fashion bloggers, or outfit bloggers! We've got a harder job than people think, and most of us aren't getting paid for it. I mean, we love doing this. It's our passion. But that doesn't mean it's easy!

In preparation for an outfit post today, I carefully chose my pieces, moved the furniture to a proper position in my living room, and set up the camera. Every photo turned out blurry. I changed the camera settings, turned lights on & off, opened & shut the blinds -- nothing helped. Defeated, I threw off the dress and hopped back into my sweatpants. Then I headed to the blogosphere to seek out ladies that make this gig look like a cake walk, hoping to spark some inspiration...

{A Beautiful Mess}

{Cupcakes & Cashmere}

{Girl & Closet}

{Keiko Lynn}

{Kendi Everyday}

{Miss Melissa}

{November Grey}

{Running on Happiness}

{Selective Potential}

{Steffy's Pros & Cons}

Did they wake up looking like that and then have professional photographers follow them around for the rest of the day!? Impossible. If anyone would like to let me in on their secrets that make this look so simple, please, enlighten me... ♥


  1. I'm sorry about your camera! I give style/fashion/outfit bloggers so much credit. I couldn't find the wherewithal to get up in front of a camera and strike a pose. I'll do it once in a while, but I mean a while. So many times I've planned on trying again but as soon as I look at the first attempt I'm done. Ha. You chose some great inspirations here - November Grey is one fierce chick!

    P.S. I forgot to mention in your post about your office space, I noticed you went to Grand Valley? Did I ever tell you my sister is with the ballet company in Grand Rapids? Small world!

  2. Some have boyfriends taking the photos but even if they do, those shots took time, energy and thought. It took me an hour to get dressed this morning just because we were going to take some shots while we were out. Then my feet were killing me as we walked around trying to find the right background. It's work! It's work! I love it but it's work.

  3. Great round up of fashion bloggers. These girls are lovely :)

    PS. this is 89mph from livejournal, I've decided to give up LJ for blogger too, hahaha

  4. ahhhh..... it is a challenge!!! It is!!!!! And frankly you do a wonderful job. Just count this as a challenging day.

  5. What camera do you use? Can it be fixed?

  6. @Casee Marie: You never told me that! Where are you from? I lived in Michigan until I graduated college, then moved out here to LA.

    @Becky: Welcome to Blogger!

    @Bella: I use a Nikon D40x. I hope it's not something that needs fixing because I just got it a few months ago! It probably just had trouble focusing because of the timer. When someone else takes the photos, it works a lot better :)

  7. I can only imagine all the swearing taking place as you were trying to adjust everything to get a shot. I am sorry sweets, I know what you mean though. I love pics you shared with us of these fab ladies, but do you know what I love the most? That you took defiet and turned it into a great and relevant post. That, my dear, is talent!Love you babe xxxx

  8. I know how you feel. I agree with Anika, you turned your problem into a superb post, because we can all relate to it.
    Much love and good luck with the camera.

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who ever wound up with inexplicably blurry photos! I'm with Casee Marie: the occasional photo shoot will have to do for me. Hope you keep trying, though!

  10. You must remember to focus your camera before you shot.
    (half click for focus and the other half you shoot).
    Its hard to find fashionable people out there but once you find its like Xmas.
    Lee x

  11. @Lee: I think the problem is that my camera had nothing to focus on... because it was pointed at a blank wall before I stepped in front of it!

  12. I agree with Lee O. half and half does it. I also love how you turned this into a great post with a great round up of stylish bloggers.

  13. First of all, you are far too kind for including me with these other amazing bloggers. I am not even close to being in their league but I love you for grouping me with them.

    Second, Sorry to hear you were having picture problems. I have them ALL the time. I've actually had the hardest time taking pictures lately but mostly because i'm in the process of trying to decide if I want to move (my clothes are everywhere) and the weather in Vancouver is BRUTAL. Rainy rainy and gloomy.

    Just take pictures when you can. Don't put pressure on yourself (not that i'm one to talk :p). Unless you are a fashion/style blogger it's difficult to understand why a blogger might not take as many pictures for a while, but you have a great group of followers that will support you xo.

  14. these ladies are wonderful--heading over to Steffy's blog right after yours.

    but some times some people just have better cameras or camera lens or others who will take their photos for them! and i sometimes get the blurry thing too when i have to take photos myself. but i agree with others that you turned this into a super fab post luv!

  15. My camera sometimes refuses to pint sharp too! hate it when that happens! I totally love Girl and Closet and Selective Potential! hey are totally my kind of style bloggers! x

  16. thanks for thinking of me! my bf does most of the shooting haha

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  17. totally know how you feel! as do a lot of people i can see:) i take most of my pictures in my apt. parking lot, and it is sooo embarrassing! ha!


  18. I understand you, have a fashion blog isn't easy, but is our passion!. Your post today, for example, is simply fabulous !
    Thanks for your lovely comment.:)

  19. Aww, it is such hard work! I'm lucky to have a camera and husband that works really well for my blog! It takes so much time.. so between everything, I'm always stressed, but it's so much fun! Keep at it - you'll get better! Some of my earlier photos were notttt the greatest ;)

  20. i love a beautiful mess and keiko lynn's outfits! =)

  21. I know its different, but I have the same problem some days with food photography:( It sucks... but you are of course still charming and uplifting, even in your "venting". Its good to share even when things don't turn out right!

  22. You got me! I sat here & waited for that first photo to load. haha :) Some days are just "off". Don't worry about it. Come back to it tomorrow. You always look fabulous. xoxo

  23. It's like you read my mind every time an outfit photo shoot of mine goes crazy wrong! Thank goodness we have ladies like these to keep us motivated to keep doing our thang!

    Remember you are not alone! :)

  24. I shoot most of my own pictures, but I put it on Auto Focus and use a remote. If you do self timer, you need to put it on manual focus. Put something in your place, focus on that object (either on auto or manually - but if you do auto, make sure to switch to manual to lock the focus) and then remove the object and stand exactly where it was. Or you can even measure the distance, which is also a pain. If you don't have a remote, get one! You can use the ML L3 remote like I have, I believe!

  25. I've had some BAD problems with pix lately. Sigh.

  26. I like to imagine that they spent hours upon hours getting ready for a photo op, and then it took them even longer to find the absolute most perfect picture to post on their sites.
    It makes me feel better about myself.
    Otherwise, that's bullshit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


    @The Nyanzi Report: I know how to focus my camera as long as it's pointing at someone who isn't me. Ha!

    @Melissa: Missy, I love that you told me not to put pressure on myself, because I was seriously just thinking about that today! I'm not an "outfit of the day" blogger, but sometimes I feel pressured to be that because that's what I like to see, and I assume that's what my readers want... I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I want my blog to be about and trying to blog for myself and my own satisfaction.

    @Cheryl: I have a great camera, but I'm still learning how to use it. It's me, not him... yeah, sometimes I talk to my camera so much I feel like it's another boyfriend.

    @Sofia: Hey, apartment parking lots are cool. There's really nowhere else to go when you live in an apartment!

    @MsByn: Aw, you called me charming and uplifting! Best compliment ever!

    @Nickie: Tricking you was all part of the plan. Totally. Yeah, I'm sneaky.

    @Keiko: Um, totally geeking out that you commented on my blog. I'm obsessed with you. Anyway, moving on... ahem! Thanks so much for the advice. I'm pretty sure a remote would solve at least half of my problems.

  28. I had a camera for awhile that started getting blurry on me - even cheapo cameras that my friends had were better than my little thin mini expensive but sucky blogger camera. I finally bit the bullet and bought a leica, but now that I have an iphone I hardly use it. Long story short, it's the camera, not you :)

    xo Mary Jo

  29. Wow each one of these ladies have such amazing style. Hhhhmm, I need to get a PRO camera, although I tend to like my very compact digital
    I totally understand how you feel and have had days like this. I also agree with Heather some of them have boyfriends or others to help them take great shots... & I commend those who don't & manage to make it a beautiful style piece. When I'm on-th-go, I just use a timer & for me backgrounds aren't everything (all the time), so I just focus on my outfit. But I'm a newbie! Good post dear.

  30. Im sure you looked gorgeous....I have a new remote, now just no time to use it..erggh!

  31. my lack of style posts all comes down to this problem! You are not the only one steph, this stuff is no cake-eating! Especially, if you're taking your own photos.

    You've been doing a great job so keep at it.


  32. I also use a tripod and remote. I see my boyfriend a few times a week but I don't always like bothering him for my photos, thus I usually take them myself. Keiko has some great tips. I always focus on an object first and then stand in its place. The remote snaps a picture every 2 seconds and before you know it, they are all done. I usually take a bunch and only choose 3 or 4 :)
    xo Lynzy

  33. They are truly amazing. I'm forever not trying to feel ridiculous in my outfit posts. Haha!

  34. I completely know how you feel! Some days I'll find a great outfit and have no time to photograph it or have no place that looks interesting enough to shoot. It's definitely frustrating. The nice thing is that it isn't always like that though!

  35. I'm always dressed so casual/I don't care, that's why I take so many photos of others! Hope your camera issues get resolved sooner than later. Take care,

  36. If there is a secret, I 100% am not in on it. Whenever I try to do an outfit post I'm amazed by the amount of time it takes. I can usually write 2 or 3 'regular' posts in the time it takes me to do one outfit post!

  37. Haha I totally have the same problem. Everyday I feel like I'm looking for new locations for my photos, because if one day the lighting is off, the outfit just doesn't look that great, etc...I always wonder how other bloggers do it, and maybe they ahve better cameras, or maybe a photographer and not a tripod like I have! lol

    Live Life in Style

  38. I love this post, Stephanie! You all work hard and deserve a hug for being SO fabulous! :)


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