Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Wants & Wishes

As soon as I published my last list, I got to work on this one! Clothes, shoes and accessories are on my mind constantly; it doesn't help that I also work with these things all day. Perhaps this is the withdrawal period of my shopping ban...

One day when I'm rich & famous, I'll donate my jewelry and replace it with pretty things by Wendy Brandes. My collection will start with this adorable wolf necklace, then upgrade to the chicken and finally, the famous swear rings (I'm a gold gal). She also suggested this necklace recently after commenting on my ample chest.

I want every dress from Red Velvet. Cute, chic, work-meets-play wear.

These espadrilles by Michael Kors make my heart skip a beat! So brightly cute.

As a curvy lady, I'm always on the hunt for a supportive swimsuit. This one by Modcloth could do the trick! (Love the one-piece version, too.)

Fashion rules are meant to be broken, and the no-tights-in-summer one is no exception. They've been an obsession of mine for months and it ain't ending now! We Love Colors has so many, um, colors to choose from that I can't decide...

Lord have mercy, these vintage shoes are fantastic! Too bad they already sold.

After seeing these pillows at Smile & Wave, I had to go pick a favorite for me!

I've been lusting after these sunnies forever. Someday, they will be mine!

My head feels naked without a hair accessory. This one is simply adorable!

My eighth & final wish... this scarf from Nickie Noel. I could never have too many.


  1. I've also had my eye on those ModCloth suits - love them!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Ummmm... those sunglasses are killing me..... I may need to own them.

  3. Glad you like the Little Woolf as much as I like your cleavage!

  4. Those Sunnies are fabulous, Burberry?


  5. that bathing suit is so adorable. lets hit the beach when it clears up again

  6. I have the Little Woolf necklace & it's fabulous. Highly recommended. Thanks for mentioning my vintage scarf! You would totally rock it!

  7. The modcloth suit is FANTASTIC:) I like the hair bow as well.

  8. The scarf is gorgeous. I would love to wear it with a little black dress.
    My Heart Blogged

  9. i too love red velvet! the owner, elsie, is an ambassador for by levi's- so in a roundabout way, i work with her! i want to visit her store when i travel back to ny when my time in sf is done... she doesnt know this yet. lol


  10. I bought Meg that Wendy B. necklace for Christmas this year! I won the Genie necklace and her zebra stud earrings. LOVE her stuff and the swear rings are next on my list...that and the emoticon ring too.

  11. Oh I agree, as soon as I put myself on a shopping ban all the cute things come out of the woodwork! I especially love all the unique little items here, that wolf necklace is too cute for words! xx

  12. Those loafers look so cool! Want want want!

  13. Your wish list is great! I love the polka dot bikini - so cute and "pin-up"-esque! Just adorable!

  14. OBSESSED with high waist bathing suits.

  15. I love that dress from red velvet that's great! Nice wants list!

    Live Life in Style

  16. The wolf necklace is PERFECT. I think you should get it when the ban has passed.

    The bikini is also cute, but I can't wear halter tops. They pull at the neck trying to hold up the cleavage. Have you ever noticed that? Other than that it's a great suit!



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