Monday, June 6, 2011

Closet Inventory : : Bag Lady

Now that you've seen my shoe collection, let's move on to handbags! I have 10 of them, though some are as small as clutches or as large as carry-ons. Here are the five I use most...

Where I found them: Michael Kors, Ann Taylor, American Way, H&M, Plato's Closet. (I'm going against my former belief and selling the first two out of desperation, so e-mail me if interested!)


  1. I love these. Those clutches are really cute too. I love swapping out a normal back for a clutch every once in a while

  2. I love all your clutches...and I'm seriously considering emailing you about the top pretty!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Why are you selling them? One always needs a great brown or black bag!


  4. omg i love the third one! i should sell some of my purses out of desperation. but then what will i have? i would have nothing. my heart would be empty (as well as my under-the-bed storage)

  5. Okay, I thought I commented on this. I must've been too enamored with the Michael Kors.

    Gorgeous bags, lady! I love the red clutch, too. I think I missed that outfit, but it looks v. cute. I worked out a grand total of all my bags a few weeks ago (when I did that whole closet makeover business) was embarrassing. But why not have an embarrassingly large collection? It makes more sense to me than spending a lot of money on, say, make-up because I'll have it forever. That's how I justify it to myself anyway...

  6. Cute bags! If only I didn't have a closet overflowing with bags (hard not to as a handbag designer) I would snag yours too!

    p.s. that breakfast below is making me hungry!

    Hope all is well with you!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. your bags are so pretty. i love the second one. i need to get more bags and clutches!


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