Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lunch : : Out & about in Sherman Oaks!

Yesterday I showed what I wore on my recent outing with Kimberly. Today it's all about the details! We walked to our destinations in Sherman Oaks, my tiny corner of the Valley, as we took in the sunny afternoon...

Our journey started at Blue Dog Tavern for beers and sandwiches, then moved on to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert, Urban Home for photos and El Torito Grill for happy hour!

We always take too many photos, laugh too hard, eat too much and have conversations that go on for hours! I hope you have a friend like this.


  1. O.M.G that black and white pic of you! Swoon! You are one hot mama. I love the touch of the hat! Mwuah xx

  2. That sandwich looks so yummy! I love this outfit, it is very MJ smooth criminal!


  3. Is that the Sherman Oaks Galleria? Love the cheesecake factory there!!! Haven't been in two years, but I hope I can visit when I'm in LA this summer :)

  4. I need to do more walking. It's just so dang hot here in houston!

    Live Life in Style

  5. Those food photos look delicious, but that black & white capture of you is Hott!!! I love your blazer as well! xxoo Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Great photos - I love your shorts and hats, very casual chic!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. i love the black & white photo with the hat!! you have such a cool attitude !great post!

    kisses <3


  8. Looks like some serious fun and that black and white shot is HOT like everyone else has said!

  9. OH MY GOODNESSS SO MUCH FUN! the pictures can't even put into words all the magic that happened that day.

    p.s. we could never have too many pictures!

    I can't wait to write about us too. But i just have been way to crazy! mine will be a sweet reminder of times that passed. you're always so prompt in your blogging. my inspiration.

    lots of love have a great week <3

  10. They always say pictures speak louder than words, and these pictures are saying that you gals had an absolute BLAST. It looks like a great time and I can't decide which photo I love more that B&W of you (which is amazing) or that margarita. Suddenly I am thirsty.

  11. I hope I look that chic when people catch me taking pics of my meals. Love it!


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