Monday, June 27, 2011

On keeping the glass half-full...

My friend Dina came over the other night for some wine and good conversation. I don't see her often -- though she lives downstairs in the same building! -- but we have fun periodically leaving gifts on each others' doorsteps. I see her as an older sister and we talk about most everything! She is also one of the few "real-life" friends that regularly reads my blog.

I'd had a lot on my mind for days and she could tell. I confessed my worries about the future, about money and success. She said that from my blog, you'd never know that I was anxious and stressed... The truth is, I pick and choose what to share on my blog. I wouldn't want to read about negative things, so I don't want to write about them either! I like to go back and read my own blog... I see it as a scrapbook. We want to fill scrapbooks with happy memories, not sad ones.

I'm trying to find the words to say this so that it makes sense... I really am happy. What I write and post on this blog isn't fake. It's not a pretend me. I'm only choosing to display the best and happiest parts of me and my life. And the truth is, though I'm happy, I'm not satisfied. I think it takes a lot of strength to separate these two feelings, but it's very possible and it's something I wholeheartedly believe everyone should do! I am a go-getter and a hard worker, and I'll probably never be satisfied because I always want more. But I am so happy with the way things are. I'm grateful for what I have and the life I've made for myself. I'm going to continue striving for something bigger and better -- it's how I'm wired and I actually think it's healthy. If I were to be completely satisfied, I would stop trying to improve and I wouldn't grow and change for the better!

So, the next time you read this, I hope you don't think 'her life is so perfect.' I hope that changes to 'this girl is happy, and I have plenty of reasons to be happy, too!' Tell me in the comments... what do you have to be happy about today?


  1. I think the goal is to be content but not satisfied. We should always be striving for more. BUT happy with where we at the moment.

    And I know you are a whole person-- no one feels just one way all the time, and bloggers are not an exception!

  2. You're on the right track...little by little the worries will right themselves. Keep striving.

  3. Now that you mention it, I think a lot of us only post about the positive things happening in our life. It seems completely fine to do that but I would hope a lot of us would ask for thoughts and prayers if and when we ever go through a hard time or just needed some *e-hugs* if we were having a bad day.

  4. very real and very honest just the way you are all the time. If you complained like a 13 year old I'm sure you wouldn't have to audience you really truly deserve anyway.

    Striving for more is exactly where real happiness is. Never settle. I know you wont. Cheers darling I'm very proud of you!

  5. Such an eloquent look at happiness versus satisfaction. A simple yet powerful difference. I'm thrilled that you are happy and grateful you're sharing that with us. Satisfaction is a life-long pursuit in my opinion.

    I'm happy that I stumbled upon such a positive, capable group of bloggers who inspire every day. I have a lot to learn. :)

  6. If we learn to be happy in any state that we're in, it helps us to appreciate things when it does get better. Wanting more isn't a bad thing, we should strive for more, but when we have no gratitude for the little things how can we appreciate the larger, or more satisfactory of things that are given. Though life is full of seasonal ups & downs it's our perspective that is key.

    Love your lovely, honest post & glad that you are in a happy place dear.

  7. Blogs aren't diaries... unless you want yours to be. But it would be pretty foolish to spill your guts on the Internet these days!

  8. Love this honest post. I feel the same way, though sometimes I do cave and put negative stuff in my blog. It's more of an outlet. Like when i was going through my very unhappy breakup, reading blogs and blogging got me through and feeling the support from my readers was so amazing. People who don't know me from Adam sending me well wishes. But I agree. There's a blog that I "follow" in which the girl is always negative, either about her self or her clothes. It's to the point that I don't even want to follow anymore, because it's like she's beating herself up in every post...and yea...I really don't want to read that everyday :-)

    Live Life in Style

  9. Great post. Really enjoyed your honesty. Your blog should be an outlet to make you happy, not a diary.

  10. OMIGOSH!!! I feel this way. I totally keep my blog really joyful because really I'm happy-I love my life and really I feel so grateful and lucky and that's why I am so concentrated on finding ethical fashion, there is amazing causes that need help way more than my life.

    With that said, last month was crazy, I mean really truly crazy and some really difficult things happened to me that I did not share w/ my readers or even my tweeps but it does not make the joy that's on my blog fake. My love of life is very real, my love of people is very very honest and I want my blog to be a space for joyful things.

    Thank you soooo much Steph for writing this. Really it put into words how I feel and I am endlessly grateful for it.

  11. I have so much to be happy about too! Its always great to count your blessings, it gives a so much happier spin on life!



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