Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look : : Afternoon Stroll (MDFW)

No making fun -- my mama was wise to wear athletic shoes this day! I decided to show her around Sherman Oaks, my little corner of LA county. I absolutely love my neighborhood! There are so many little shops and eateries, all within walking distance. After growing up in a small farm town with the nearest Starbucks a fifteen-minute drive away, I'm super excited about my current living situation!

We began our four-mile walk with frozen yogurt at Spoon Itt (mine is the one piled high with chocolatey goodness). We then popped into a few shops, including a wedding dress one -- just for fun! -- and Buffalo Exchange. I've ranted about selling there before, but buying is a completely different experience! I purchased two items for $6. ♥

The next store we went to was Handmade Galleries LA. It's like an in-person Etsy extravaganza with all different types of beautiful artists. How cool is that Fight Club painting? Starbucks was next (hot coffee for her, iced tea for me) and then a late lunch at Marmalade Cafe!

On myself: Dress - Target. Shoes - Plato's Closet. Headband - Forever 21 or Kohl's. Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs (they were free). Necklace, bracelet - Ann Taylor. Ring - From Crimson and Clover, gifted by The Citizen Rosebud. Bag - Swapped from Liesel. Water bottle - Juicy Couture. On Mrs. Loudmouth: Dress - Ann Taylor. Shoes - By Champion, from Payless.

PS: I'm part of an awesome community called Full Time Fabulous, and you can be too! I couldn't participate in this month's blog event, but I suggest you go check out the entries and leave some love. ♥


  1. Sounds like a great time spent with the mother. I cannot wait to see my mother in a few weeks...

    I love both of your similar poses. You both look beautiful. *It's good to hear you're happy with your living situation!:)

  2. The frozen yogurt looks delicious! I would have also piled on loads and loads of chocolate! YUMMY! You look a little sun burnt? Hope you're enjoying your summer Steph. xoxo

  3. For some reason Stephanie I thought you lived in Hollywood. I'm on the househunt all week and when I'm moved (hopefully by next week) I hope we can meet up! p.s. I used to shop in the handmade store when I worked in Sherman Oaks--they have the best stuff!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. What a fun adventure with you and your mom----- and for LA 4 miles is wildly impressive!!!!
    Ummmmm..... now I want frozen yogurt- I have no self control!!!!!

  5. You and your mom are so cute! It seems like you both are great friends, I love that! My mom and I are just like friends too, it's so much fun that way! We would totally stop for yogurt just like the two of you! I'm so glad you got create more memories with your mom :)

  6. you girlies look amazing!! :) x

  7. I LOOOVE you dress!! MDFW is awesome!! I would totally do this, my mum loves getting dressed up with me when I come to visit.
    BTW, I'm DYING to see that scarf column you promised!!

  8. Sounds like you had a great time showing your mom around! Also, the Handmade shop you mentioned sounds really cool! :)

    star-crossed smile

  9. Um, yeah. Moms is smart. Four miles?! I'm sure you wanted to trade shoes with her at the end of the day. Oh and I need your ring, bracelet & sunnies. Please and thaaaaaaaaaanks.

    Sounds like y'all had a ball. I need some of this Handmade Galleries place in my life obviously. Like Etsy in person? For the win.


  10. What a nice time you had with your mom! I am happy for you but reading about it makes me realize how much I miss my own mother. I love how you both chose similar dresses.
    The frozen yogurt looks so delicious! The "in-person etsy shop" sounds like a fun place to go.
    I am so enjoying reading about your time together!

  11. Lovin this outfit on you! You look adorable!

  12. Yet more incentive for my great west-coast train adventure, that chocolate-topped frozen yogurt business. But really, I love this peak at where you live! It seems like such a fun, urban, creative neighborhood. And again, loving all the fashion statements. (Can we talk about your cute little shoes? Dying, just dying.)


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