Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look : : Art & Sand (MDFW)

Yesterday I announced MDFW (Mother Daughter Fashion Week) and gave you a peek at my mother's journey to LA! I'm excited to tell you all the details of her visit. ♥ On her first day here, after she arrived at the train station, we drove out to Malibu. We ate breakfast at Mogan's Cafe, then explored The Getty Villa, a beautiful art museum! The pools, sculptures and pretty flowers whisked me away to paradise... We stopped in Santa Monica after that to grab a funnel cake on the pier! The night ended with a homemade Mexican dish, no meat or wheat needed. My mom, by the way, is named Ann Margaret -- not to be confused with the actress!

On myself: Tank, belt, bracelet, skirt - Ann Taylor. Fedora - You've seen it here, here and here. Sunglasses - Plato's Closet. Watch - Michael Kors. Sandals - Target. On Mrs. Loudmouth: Dress - By Coldwater Creek, from The Secret Closet. Shoes - By Dr. Scholl's, from Meijer.


  1. The Getty Villa and the Piier? Sounds like the perfect day. (plus you and your mom look great--- perfectly summery!

  2. This looks like the tow of you had an amazing week together! And I totally see the resemblance ;)! And yumm funnel cake, I want some (it doesn't help that I haven't eaten all day, we have no food, and it's 3:30! (Need to get groceries like NAO). Ok Im rambling, have a great day Steph!

  3. Aww looks like such a fun time! Funnel cake looks yummy, I've never had any but it looks intriguing!

  4. That looks like you had a great time! I love taking people out to Malibu, they always love it! And the Getty is such a beautiful place to go too!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I did not realize we drove so much! LOL and you should write for a travel magazine!!

  6. I love your mom's dress! You look really chic and summery too with your straw? fedora. Love the wide belt that accentuates your petite waist and curves. I love Malibu and the Santa Monica Pier and funnel cakes.
    I have to return to LA one day....

  7. I love the Getty. We go there a lot with the kids - it's a plus that it's free! Perfect place to take people from out of town too.

  8. Your mom's name is Ann Margaret, she just keeps getting cooler. You both look wonderful here! Whenever I see that fedora I just keep thinking about how much I need to steal it. Grabby hands.

    Art and sand and funnel cake, this looks like the perfect day!

  9. Wow I've never thought about eating rice with shredded cheese! That looks so good!

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