Monday, July 4, 2011

Loudmouth Look : : Celebrating both independence & togetherness...

Rumor has it that whenever a beauty queen is asked what her one wish would be, she says 'world peace.' That's what we all want, right? A world without wars, hatred, crime, terrorism, torture, discrimination and turmoil. It sounds impossible... an entire world where people treat each other with respect and compassion? No way.

It'd be hard for us to change the entire world, friends, but it's easy to start small. What about in our cities, our communities? Or, an even tinier task -- our families and friends? Are we treating them with the peace we hope for this nation, this planet? And if we're not, then how do we expect anything to ever change? No movement starts on its own. It starts with people, and it can start with us.

I dare you to make a change in your attitude and actions when it comes to your relationships. Smile more. Call an old friend. Hold doors open. Thank people. Give hugs! Don't fan the flames of a fight -- put out the fire. Think about the energy you're spreading. Is it positive?

This Independence Day, I hope you realize how important it is to unite. Have you told someone you love them yet today? Go ahead -- I dare you.

Details: I'm pretty much wearing this outfit but switched up the top for 90 degree weather! Shoes, blue ring - Ann Taylor. Skirt - Swapped from Liesel. Tank - VS. Red & white ring - Gift from my dad. Headband - Kohl's. Necklace - Francesca's. Clutch - H&M.


  1. Happy Independence day, hope you're having a great time x

  2. Happy 4th to you! (Thanks for the inspiring post...I have to work and it's Monday!)

  3. Yes, being positive always works for me. You look beautiful, enjoy your July 4th! :)

  4. Aren't you cute in your red, white & blue?! Yes, change starts at home--- so we must value our relationships!

  5. stephanie, i love you because of this. sure, i am all the way across the country, but love has no distance, right? stay awesome.

  6. This post put a smile on my face! Great message darling! I feel the love!


  7. Lovely, inspirational post. World peace would be amazing

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  8. So true, and so well written. Beautiful post, Steph! I hope you're having a fab holiday!

  9. I've been thinking about spending more time with my friends and family lately, the latter not always being the easiest. You're right, though, it starts with us and everything within our reach first.

    Love the new look, by the way!
    xoxo, f
    The House in the Clouds


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