Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lounge : : New Laptop!

Happy Thursday! I want to interrupt MDFW for a second and announce something on a separate, yet related, note. Now, you may or may not know that I am technologically challenged, as described in my tour d'office. Up until very recently, I was using an Acer laptop from 2005. I bought it with my graduation money after high school. Eventually, the screen broke and I was forced to hook it up to a monitor! So sad...

When my mother came to visit last week, she showed up with what I thought was her laptop, which she was going to let me borrow until I could afford a new one. But when I opened up the case, I found a brand-new Toshiba Satellite C655! That may mean nothing to you, but it meant five times the space for my photos.

And, so -- this is directed toward Jessica and Vahni -- I no longer need a Loudmouth Laptop Fund. However, if you're interested in helping me upgrade my phone to something newer than a 2009 Pantech, I'll happily accept donations in the form of Etsy purchases...

By the way, if any Potterheads noticed a certain book on my desk... I'm finally starting the series, just as the last film comes out. Proud of me? Ha, thank you for reading this silly post! ♥


  1. Wow! Your momma is awesome! (but we already knew that). Apple. Tree. Etc...

    Unrelated: how are you affected by carmageddon/405? That's near you right?

  2. Congrats on your new laptop! What a fabulous gift! Moms ROCK!

  3. Love your desk by the way so cute! and congrats on your new laptop! I need one as well!


  4. Nice! I'm happy for you!

  5. I also have never read the books...or seen the movies. It's actually kind of embarrassing.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Yay congrats!!!

    I am a big fan of Toshiba laptops, I am actually typing on one now.

    I have used Toshiba and Fujitsu exclusively since laptops first came out and they are fantastic. :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. Don't you just love toshiba's number pads?! and they never ever overheat, because the side fan is GENIUS. that said, I've been sadly disappointed by them, I hope yours has better luck, that was sooo sweet of your mom!

  8. Hurrah!! A new laptop! My laptop is also a toshiba satellite, I love it, I do!
    We shall now have to start the get Steph an iphone fund. Or maybe alternatively Ill just ask your mom? Ha, ha congrats!
    ps. Love those harry potter books, so good!

  9. your new computer/laptop area looks so clean and simple! so awesome!! I wish I had my own place to decorate hahaha I shall stick to me room and my car lol

  10. yayyyy congrats on the new laptop, it will make ur life way easier :)

    <3 steffy
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  11. Yay for new technology! Who doesn't love a new gadget! And an awesome mom!

  12. yay, moms are the best. enjoy your new toy!!

  13. Moms are so wonderful at surprises! I'm sure you're absolutely thrilled!

  14. That's awesome! I wish my mom would do that for me. I got my computer when I graduated high school but that was a long time ago in computer years...and yes, I am proud of you for starting the series! It's magical - LITERALLY!

  15. Smooth, Ann Margaret/Mrs Loudmouth! Your new lappy looks marvelous - ironically my mom recently bought herself an Acer. I've only used it a bit, usually under not-so-good circumstances (like my HP having a virus), but it's a nice one!

    And let me know what you think of HP? The first three books were my life, but after the fourth one I felt like the whole thing took on a different feel and I just wasn't impressed/interested. As it happens I never read the last book. :(

  16. Congratulations on the computer! That must be such a relief! And congratulations on starting Harry Potter, definitely my all-time favorite series...

  17. I'm definitely a potterhead! I just started re-reading them for fun! You'll love them! Congrats on the new laptop! Mom's are the best!

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