Friday, July 15, 2011

Lunch : : Location Recap (MDFW)

Over the past few days, I briefly mentioned the eateries that my mother and I visited while she was here... but I'd love to go in-depth and recommend them to you! Many readers ask what to do while visiting LA, and I hope this post helps you out. The first place we went was Mogan's near The Getty Villa in Malibu. The two of us shared an omelet with toast, potatoes and fruit. It was the perfect portion for two people!

On our way back to my apartment, I begged like a child for a funnel cake at Santa Monica Pier. Some of you said you've never tried one... it is pretty much dough fried in grease and covered in powdered sugar. Delicious, but not nutritious!

The next day we had frozen yogurt at Spoon Itt. I really loved going here because it's not a chain and I'm all about supporting my local businesses! The yogurt and toppings were all so yummy...

Later on, we had some "real food" at the Marmalade Cafe. We split chips with salsa and guacamole, then she had a fish dish and I ate a salad covered in candied walnuts and feta cheese... amazing!

Real Food Daily was the only place we went that I'd been to before. I was excited to show her a vegan meal, as I've been vegetarian for a year now... I had the BLT wrap and she, the stir-fry. We enjoyed everything!

We wanted to end her time here with a good ol' Mexican meal. We went to Cantina Real on the Hermosa Beach pier and were more than satisfied... Five stars for the perfect amount of spice, excellent margaritas, cute location and sweet waitress. ♥


  1. No joke. I felt my stomach growling while reading this post. I must be crazy!

  2. You've made me very hungry. That wrap looks like it was amazing!!! And funnel cake? LOL!

  3. For dinner tonight I tried to make a stir fry similar to what I had at Real Food. I did pretty well. -Mama

  4. funnel cake funnel cake funnel cake. Oh, now that makes me hungry. Did you go to the Marmalade Cafe at the Grove?

  5. I love FUNNEL CAKE!! Look at all of those yummy dishes. Love it!


  6. OMG, I so want that funnel cake and now I'm craving it so bad. For some reason it reminds me of fairs and carnivals... haha

    Btw, I have a jewelry giveaway ending Sunday night and I would love it if you entered!

  7. oh, goodness. just had lunch and craving the wraps already.

  8. all of that looks insanely YUMMY. for some reason looking at food makes me happy hahaha

  9. yum yum yum. next time i come to LA im taking your food recommendations!

  10. I'm totally bookmarking this. I think my great train adventure has become my great-train-to-LA adventure over the course of these MDFW posts. I need to make it happen!

    Such a brilliant idea of yours to document your mom's trip on the blog, and perfectly executed. And cheers to Ann Margaret (can you tell I love her name?) for rocking her outfits and posing for pictures. This will be such a fun memory for you (both) to look back on in the future!

    Okay, I'll stop spamming you with comments. Thanks for the fun read! xo


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