Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretending to shop!

This morning, I'm hitting up some of my favorite on-line stores and adding things to baskets, but I won't be checking out. As my late grandfather repeatedly told his nine children: "Pretend you got it, and it was really really good." I'm completely satisfied with simply having wishlists... will you dream along with me? ♥

For the first time ever, I work at a mall that has an Anthropologie... and it's super dangerous. Every time I walk in there, I want everything. Or I just want to move in! It's all so pretty. One // Two // Three

Victoria's Secret has more than unmentionables. There are so many sweet dresses to choose from... One // Two // Three

Now, this is something I can afford -- cute tights from We Love Colors for $10 or less! I love the yellow knee-highs I already have... One // Two

Modcloth has the cutest dresses and accessories. I've had my eye on those shoes for awhile! One // Two // Three

Talk about tempting: These flats from Target are less than $25 per pair. It's no wonder that I shop there all the time! One // Two // Three

And speaking of shopping, I haven't forgotten to finish my special series! The third and final segment should be up within the week. Review parts one and two if you'd like!


  1. I spent my afternoon in the local Marshalls. I searched and searched but found nothing I loved enough to bring home. Yesterday at the Marshalls across town I found 2 awesome pairs of shoes. One for Fall and one to wear now. But just virtual shopping today was enough.

  2. I LOVE browsing the Anthropologie online store but I've never purchased anything. The shower curtain is amazing!

    Can't wait to shop with you!

  3. those's flats are amazing! I love this and so looking forward to your last part of the shopping series!


  4. Great picks! I "window shop" online a lot too to get inspiration - nothing wrong with that. Now I've started savings things to ObviLux for later so they are all in one place.

    I love your VS and Anthro picks, especially!

  5. I have had that green & straw satchel added to my wishlist for a long time now. :) Such a gorgeous color.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  6. I completely agree... Anthropologie is a major problem for me. However, they do have ah-mazing sales and you can find things reduced to $15 that were originally $85... score!

  7. how i wish i can buy it in here (Malaysia) :(

  8. I love creating wishlists! Right now I think I have wishlists at 7 or 8 online stores... not only is it fun to fantasize about buying the stuff, but it's also a great way to keep track of things you like so you'll know when they go on sale!


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