Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guest Post : : Anika of By Anika

Hi Sweethearts!

I am Anika and I am so honored to be guest posting for the delectable Stephanie today.

Let me introduce my self. I am a self worth activist and budding designer. On my blog By Anika I write about my own personal voyage towards myself, a voyage that is mirrored in my fashion choices.

I adore Stephanies blog, as I know you do too. I am very grateful to count Stephanie as my personal friend. Thank you Steph for keeping us inspired, and for all your completely inappropriate and hilarious comments on my blog! I love you.

Today I will give you a peek into my lifestyle, inspired by the fantastic guest post that the talented Casee Marie of The Girl Who Stole The Eiffel Tower did for Steph a while back.

You know how Steph refocused her blog on the three L`s ? This is my take on the Look, the Lounge and the Lunch – By Anika.

My style is Bold Eclectic Chic with sass and soul – designed By Anika. My philosophy on clothes is much the same as on life; embrace your self and don`t let anyone tell you you are not valuable and beautiful, because I strongly believe that we all are, regardless of size. My take on clothes is all about playfulness and self respect, as a (curvy) woman I am now loving my self and my curves, recognizing that I bloody well CAN wear colors and great shapes! I love mixing prints, and while I am aware of the rules of dressing I disregard these on a regular basis. I only wear my own original or reworked designs. If the clothes don`t fit me, then honey, they need changing -not me! Can I get an AMEN!

My home is my own slice of bliss. I am very passionate about interior decorating. Decorating my home is a very personal thing as I consider my home to be an extension of me. I sew most of my soft furnishings, and my pillows usually end up bags/dresses/lampshades/turbans. Growing up my mum had us painting our TV the same color as the walls, so I learned early on that being playful when decorating is something to embrace. So is the importance of making my guests feel truly welcome, and I love it when my friends curl up in my loungy sofas, lean back and feel at home. There is always room for more friends chez moi. Want to come over?

Yes, please! I don`t mind having dessert first if I do, thank you very much. My attitude to life and food are one and the same. I always ask my self how I can make the most of this very moment? The answer isn`t always cake, but it is always to respect my self enough to make my food look beautiful. It doesn`t take much, but plating it beautifully and using my best dishes on a regular Tuesday makes me feel that I am giving my self a treat. What could possibly be the point of holding back on the small pleasures of life? Beats me. Carpe diem, sweethearts!


  1. LOVE THIS. Love, love, love! Anika, your take on Steph's three L's was absolutely fabulous. And thanks for the shout-out!

    Your enthusiasm is so infectious and an essential part of my life. The other day my mom was finding herself in a bit of a depression from the stresses of things going on right now and I directed her to your latest post (on hope). It brought her back, made her life, made her smile and absolutely inspired her. You have such a gift for that, Anika dear, and I'm so glad you're sharing it with the rest of us! xo

    P.S. Coming over to chez toi to curl up on your sofa and eat that cake, 'kay?

  2. Mmm that cake looks tasty. It makes me want to go bake a cake right now.


  3. Oh, I'd feel right at home...My decorating is somewhat quirky too.

  4. Thanks again for guesting, Anika! You are probably my favorite person in the entire world... well, at least top five. My Polish grandmother is #1. Someday we'll get together and eat dessert before dinner.

  5. Anika, I love your spirit, personality and ability to see the best on the people and the circumstances that surround you!

  6. Sharing is caring!! Thanks for caring. :)

  7. I love love love that Anika uses the good dishes! Oh this women!! Her soul is so gorgeous.


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