Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guest Post : : Fabienne of The House in the Clouds

Hi there, I'm Fabienne. I'm visiting from The House in the Clouds today. Stephanie runs a wonderful blog so I hope to keep you entertained in a similar vein. I typically do daily outfit posts and style tips, along the monthly positive body image feature but today I'm doing something different just for you.

I've been thoroughly enjoying the virtual tour of Stephanie's new home so I decided to showcase my bedroom. After all, it's where the blogging magic comes to life. My husband and I moved in about a year ago but only recently has the bedroom gotten the love it deserved. If you've been to my blog you might have caught a glimpse or two of it on days when it's too cold or foggy to take pictures outside.

Daily outfit and style tip, wearing vintage boxy gold top, skinny jeans, gold belt, champagne platform shoes

This is what you see when you first walk in. The wall hanging in the back was a gift to my husband and me from our friend returning from China. It says "double happiness". I bought the oil painting on the left from my artist friend Genevieve Carter at long time ago. The two quiet teddy bears are the same age as me.

My jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters. I like creative ways of hanging up my accessories.

This sculpture was a gift made from another friend of mine based on a photo I took of my shadow at Burning Man years ago. I sometimes bring home rocks from special places and date them, as you can see. My retired hand-carved black ginkgo wedding earrings are hanging on the arm.

I recently switched out the light scones and finally hung up curtains. Sheer white cotton in the back from Ikea, heavier embroidered weaver bird curtains in the front from Anthropologie. The pink chair is the first quality piece of furniture I bought myself when I lived alone. It's an Eames replica that I bought on a whim walking home from the train. It was incredibly comfortable, beautiful and pink. There was no man at home to dispute the color and I felt it symbolized my independence. My hubby has since gotten used to it, it's hard not to love it.

I recently applied this feather decal I bought almost a year ago from Threadless when we first moved in. The design is by Ross Zietz. It took us about nine months to test out then decide on what shade of green to paint that wall, which I finally painted last month. To my defense, I'm out of town every weekend during snowboarding season so the three green test patches had to wait till the snow melted.

The bed is my absolute favorite! I braved a Black Friday a few years back to score fifty percent off the most amazing down comforter from Macy's. We have a memory foam topper over the mattress which makes sitting and laying on it heavenly. My mom crocheted a trim on the white linen sheets and pillow cases that are on the bed, so it means a lot to me. She taught me many crafts. My ex-mother-in-law made me the quilt at my ex-husbands request, whom I'm still close to. The entire motif is about cats in memory of our cat Buster.

Two of the pillows come from Ikea, the middle one is from artist Nathan Jurevicius. I ordered it from This Is A Limited Edition.

I bought a reading lamp from Ikea which revolutionized my time in the bedroom. I'm a sucker for natural skin creams and lotions, there are always about six or more going at any one time. The big beeswax candle was a gift from another friend. The vase was a gift from my mom, I sometimes put a fresh rose from the garden in it. The book a gift from a coworker upon my return from our honeymoon in Paris. My hubby gave me the little card wedged in between the candles. We both also have Burt's Bees lip balms tucked into every corner of the house. Last but not least, my pretty water bottle.

I found this print by Portland artist Rachel Austin at a great little independently owned boutique in Alameda called Modern Mouse. The red flowers reminded me of all the red poppies we saw in Europe on our honeymoon, I loved the paper airplanes over the map. I think of the honeymoon every time I look at it. Everything about this art makes me happy, I think it's beautiful.

I got the idea to use a empty frame from Ikea to create a dry-erase board for myself with scraps of fabric from Pinterest. You can follow my boards, too. If you want an invitation, let me know.

There you have it. As you can see, I'm not only driven by comfort and aesthetics, I also like to surround myself with good memories and tokens of love from my friends. This is why our bedroom is perfect to me.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you like what you saw, come by for a visit! Thank you, Stephanie, for giving me the opportunity to share your stage.

xo, f

The House in the Clouds


  1. Oh sweetheart, I love your bedroom! So beautiful and inviting. A great space to recharge. My fave bit is the feather on the wall, pure poetry. Love, Anika

  2. Your bedroom looks so clean and cozy! I especially love the pink chair and your ceiling.

  3. I am so love with this. I love little storage items, that tree is amazing. I am also so obsessed with the feather. I love feathers! Great post!


  4. Your bedroom has a pure and very clean feeling! I love how you decorated and I especially love the feather wall decal! The way the feather turns into a bunch of birds is so creative! Thanks for giving us the tour!


  5. Oh, Fabienne, I'm as crazy about your decor as I am about you. Loving every single thing in this post!

  6. Thanks again for guesting, Fabienne! Believe it or not, I have a very similar Ikea pillow to the one on the far right. Just as my home is frazzled and chaotic (like me), yours is zen and calm (like you). We make a good team!


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