Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Post : : Jamillah of Made-to-Travel

Hi friends of the darling Loud Mouth, Steph! I'm Jamillah of made-to-travel and I'm thrilled to be guest posting for this lovely lady.

In recent years I've been trying to be a more conscious consumer. That includes shopping at thrift stores and looking for fair trade, cruelty free and eco-friendly products. This task might sound really daunting but as my most fave ethical fashion blogger, Annabella of Ethical Bella advised me (post here), just start with that ONE item you need at the moment and little by little you'll have a whole slew of ethical products in your closet and cabinets! In my case the needs of the moment are 2 things: a new backpack and a laptop sleeve.

Don't judge me!!! This is what I've been using to drag my laptop around (shame face).

Yes, that is a towel wrapped around my laptop(!) and my other option is my bro's old laptop case from his college years. Le sigh, poor poor laptop.

Since I've started blogging my laptop has been an essential travel companion! So I need to up my game! I envision myself sporting a backpack with a cute laptop sleeve in its contents.

I've put together the leaders of the "pack" (bahahaha :)) for you. Help me choose!!


I am in LOVE with these colorful backpacks in bright solids and muted tie-dyed colors. The solid colors are $32 and the tie-dyed options are $58. Both are made out of 100% heavy duty recycled cotton duck canvas and BONUS(!) the tie dye options below are one of a kind! No pattern is the same, designed by artist ShabdBP for Baggu.

I am also really digging these vintage finds from Etsy.

(top to bottom: $52 at box of hollylocks vintage; 30 GBP from pintuck vintage; $32 at honey muse vintage; click images for listing)

Oh but I still need a laptop sleeve!

(top to bottom: $24 recycled rubber/fair trade at global girlfriends; $24 fair trade at global girlfriends; $34.50 upcycled car seats donated from mitsubish/fair trade at set boutique; $28 fair trade at one world project)

There are a ton of ethical possibilities for these items! I honestly had a hard time whittling it down to just these few. I'm hoping to turn over the majority of my closet and beauty regiments to ethical products...and really I believe it can happen one item at a time.

I'm not 100% sure which pieces to purchase!!!! So help me!!! :D


  1. I like the Vintage leather backpack best! It's simple, and the color is perfect. The floral patterened sleeve is real cute too. Hoping you're able to make a choice soon, I totally feel you girl! Sometimes it's real hard for me to make any kind of decision.


  2. I am so into backpacks! I love them. I think they would be great for carrying my baby's stuff around.


  3. Hi Jamillah! Fancy finding you here with your awesome blog post:-) My vote is for the vintage brown bags (either one). I have always loved Stephanie's blog, I am happy you are "guest posting" for her.

  4. Hi Jamilla, I like the blue tie dye backpack and the upcycled car seat sleeve. Yeah time to step up your laptop game :)


  5. Thank you all for your input!!! I am totally leaning towards the car seat sleeve for my laptop but not sure what the backpack will be yet...eeep!! I am always trigger shy.

  6. These are fantastic- Love Etsy!! The tie-dyed styles are so unique, loving the teal & peach baggu rucksacks. Sometimes I keep my laptop in a section of my big handbag, lol.

  7. Darling, you are so funny! I love the towel, that is proper old school! I love you.

  8. Thanks again for guesting, Jamillah! You are too cute. My favorites: the second-to-last backpack & the last laptop sleeve. Have you made your decision yet? Hope you share it with us all!

  9. backpacks! I love them. But i always go with waterproof backpacks. I purchased by backpack from here.


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