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Guest Post : : YvonnaLivianna of A Tout le Monde

Hello fabulous readers, it is YvonnaLivianna here from A tout le monde. I was so excited when Stephanie, Ms. Fabulous herself, asked me to do a guest post here on her blog. I could not be more honored and excited. She gave me the option of talking about food, fashion, or decor. I figured I would do fashion since that is my passion.

For starters, I am very excited about the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season. We have had some cool breezy nights here in NYC, which for me is a strong indicator that fall is pushing on through. I D-I-E for the Fall/Winter season, primarily because more clothing is produced, which means more options to choose from. There are many interesting trends happening for the Fall/Winter seasons. New York, Paris, London, and Milan all showed different collections for fall 2011 back in February. However, I want to let you all in on a little secret... "Trends" are not important!

Being on "trend" is not important, nor should it be a huge factor for you when getting ready in the morning. Here is a little hint, if you walk into Macy's, Forever21, a small boutique... EVERYTHING will be on trend. How? Well, stores collectively will buy common colors and styles come time to switch up seasons. So for right now let’s get rid of the idea that we must empty our bank accounts to buy that really cute pair of Louboutin's that are on "trend" right now. Honestly, what it comes down to is personal style and the basics.

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I personally am a huge fan of Paris Fashion Week; it is the highlight of my year. When I am at school writing a paper or dying from too many readings of Hegel, I look to the Paris shows for happiness and inspiration. I tend to wear a lot of black and white, with loads of accessories (mainly rings). Clearly, I like to channel Coco Chanel whenever I can. As a student, I like to stay calm and keep it moving; my wardrobe normally reflects this mood.

How could one be fabulous if one is living in all black, you might ask? It is simple! I move to my next point, pops of color. Pops of color can be your best friends if you let them do their magic. I am so in love with saturated colors; reds, blues, mustard, emerald green, ah the colors. To my luck, color is "in" right now so I can find just about every saturated color in the world within seconds thanks to the handy dandy internet.

I recommend, for those who like to keep it simple with jeans and a tee shirt, to invest in a pair of colored flats or a colored blazer. I strongly believe that with the most basic of outfits, a jacket or blazer can instantly spice it all up. Consider maybe dark denim along with your favorite Forever 21 V-neck tee shirt, with a saturated red blazer paired with black patent or studded flats. Very easy, very simple and will only take all of 20 minutes to throw on. Consider a colored flat with a black blazer, if you are not into a lot of color. For those who are a bit more risky with your style, consider a royal blue blazer, with mustard or emerald green flats/sandals/or wedges. Here is another hint, most saturated colors complement each other, so mix and match and have fun.

The Fall/Winter, although cold and sometimes depressing, is also the perfect time to experiment with clothing. Colors are exciting, fun, happy, and joyful. Who said colors are not welcomed during the dark, breezy, awesome seasons of fall and winter? Why do you think trees and leaves have a change of color when the fall comes? I mean, look at nature during the fall time... leaves are changing into new colors, burnt orange appears, reds pop out, chocolate browns start to take over; it all just makes you want to sit by the pond with a big warm cup of hot coco.

Remember, fashion promotes trends, but personal style sets you free. Everything will be on trend if you buy it and love it. Live for yourself, have fun with your wardrobe, stay true to who you are, and take risks when you see fit. One should never feel stressed when getting dressed; one should never feel obligated to wear the latest Chanel creations. However, one should always live life to the best of their abilities, by making a statement from within and smiling with your hearts.

Until next time,
Ta Ta!


  1. Thank you step! I love it so much. I hope your readers enjoy it as well! Have fun on vacation!


  2. I like fall/winter clothing season too better than spring/summer.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. You gave such useful and very wise tips! I love pops of color and I'm anxious to play around more with it this fall!


  4. Thanks again for guesting, Yvonna! I love your words of wisdom and look forward to each post for a positive boost! All those fun colors can't hurt, either. :)


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