Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lounge : : "New" Bookshelf

Once our DVD collection grew too big for our current case, we were forced to pile movies on tables and underneath the TV. I grew tired of the clutter and eventually purchased this large shelving unit. We then had an extra bookshelf for me to play with! Zach had found it in someone's garbage back in college, and we could've easily donated it or brought it down to our own dumpster, but I'm always looking for new places to display things.

From top to bottom: My SELF magazine collection, a picture of my parents, candles that smell like the beach, spare baskets, three cute books, a useful mirror, a silly game, my Paris souvenir, and a pair of beat-up flats. ♥


  1. Great job finding a new use for it pretty lady!
    I just started folling you with Bloglovin!

  2. ha ha love this! I could use some new book shelf's also something to hold my magazine collection!


  3. I love seeing how people organize! I also really respect the color coded DVDs.

  4. I love that you transitioned it to display your magazines!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I love what you did with it...with the catch all's on the third shelf...practical and cute


  6. Yay to nesting! Love seeing the evolution of your place. I WILL visit someday, it's been such a crazy busy summer.
    xoxo, f
    The House in the Clouds

  7. that is such a great improvement ! nice job !

    wanna follow each other?

    have you seen my new look? !

  8. neat way to still use the old shelf too!! I have actually exceeded my large bookshelf, and I'm in the process of finding another shelf for my continually expanding DVD collection! haha
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  9. It's always so nice to see how well you display your home items, & good space saver. I could use a new shelf in my room, but I tend to like things built-in the walls. haha! ;)


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