Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lunch : : The best of LA (a small guide)

Are you planning a day trip to the Los Angeles area? Lucky you, I've already planned out what you'll eat and drink! Let me remind you that these are my personal favorites... and not everybody will love them, but most people do. Trust me! (By the way, I really do adore making itineraries... let me know if you need any ideas for your next LA vacay.)

Best place for breakfast: The Griddle Cafe. (You've seen it here, here & here.) These pancakes are huge and come in all sorts of fun flavors! There's your usual blueberry, chocolate chip or apple... but you'll also find Oreo, Kahlua, Frosted Flakes and Red Velvet on the menu! The stack comes as a set of three pancakes, but I can barely finish one on my own. This is the best place for a group of guests! (Just in case you feel like being healthy, there are plenty of omelets and other dishes, too.) Bonus: This is a great celeb sighting spot!

Best place for lunch: Real Food Daily. (You've seen it here & here.) Soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps... this is the best place for a light, yummy bite, and it's all vegan! Since becoming vegetarian last year, this is the most delicious source of fake 'meat' I've found. I promise you'll enjoy it whether or not you're a carnivore. I brought my non-veggie mom here and she was a fan!

Best place for happy hour: The Cheesecake Factory. (You've seen it here.) Believe it or not, Cheesecake has an awesome happy hour. You'd think this would fall under the 'dessert' category but their $5 long islands are a better deal! You can also ask for most drinks 'skinny' style so it won't have as many calories as a cake. And hey, maybe this guy will be your bartender!

Best place for dinner: Miceli's Restaurant. It's not just a place to eat, it's a full-on event! Located in the heart of Universal City near NBC Studios, most of the waitstaff is in the entertainment industry. During your meal, you'll hear them sing show tunes and jazz numbers! Don't be surprised if they let you in on the action, too. Last time I was there, our waiter sang 'Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera while sitting next to me in our booth. He wasn't as hot as Gerard Butler, but gosh... I think his voice stole my heart! (It doesn't hurt that the food is authentically amazing.)

Best place for dessert: Spoon Itt. (You've seen it here.) It's required to have froyo while in LA. You'll see dozens of yogurt shops everywhere, but I like this one the best. There's a difference! And it's never busy because it's still pretty new and unknown. Enjoy!

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  1. I agree with The Griddle and Real Food Daily... (LOVE both!).

    I don't like the Cheesecake Factory- plus they are all over the US. I am going to replace it with The Hudson or The Den.....

    And I have never been to the last two.... so now I am going to have to! Maybe we should go together! :)

  2. Wow, these look like such nice places!! I'm not a fan of the Cheesecake Factory. Each time I've eaten there I've gotten sick, plus they are a little bit expensive.

  3. The next time I am in LA (and I'm applying for a job there for next September so fingers crossed) I will totally eat my way through it - thanks!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. All these tips are extremely helpful. I'm going to LA soon with a few friends as an end-of-summer vacation thing. I love LA but I almost always get lost and we usually end up going to a restaurant that's too pricey, or we give up looking and order some pizza. I'll definitely be checking out these places next time :).

  5. seriously. i could never go to the griddle. it would make me move to la so i could try all the pancakes. that is insane. please post more about kahlua pancakes. please!!!


  6. These places look AMAZING!! I really want to travel & one place at the top of my list is LA!! It seems like such an amazing place to be :D

  7. I haven't had a craving to go to LA until now. Oreo pancakes?! Two words that'll get me to go ANYWHERE.

    I'm also interested in this $5 Long Island and yogurt from Spoon Itt. (I heart that it has two T's)

    You should totally looking into vacation or trip planning as a side hustle since you enjoy planning itineraries. People would totally pay for that!


  8. This is such a great guide! I'll have to bookmark this page in case I ever get out to L.A.


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