Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Scarf 101

The end of summer is upon us -- have you seen the September issues hitting shelves already? -- but I always keep my promises. And nearly two months ago, I promised I'd show you different ways of wearing a scarf in the summertime. At this point, I look like a copycat (Mattie and Madison already showed you a plethora of fab ideas) but I stay true to my word. If I wanted to try dating again, my Craigslist ad would say that I like long walks on the beach and making promises I can keep. Then again, I wouldn't post a personals ad on Craigslist.


Two of the easiest options are to tie your scarf into a sarong or a top. You'll need a long, wide scarf for these. (Mine is from Ann Taylor and it's super versatile!)

Using it as a vest is a little more complicated. As aforementioned, the idea came from my good friend Bryn (who will be starting her own blog, soon, finally). Here's a step-by-step guide!

This is a super cute layering piece for a bathing suit or tank top, but I plan to use it this fall as well -- over long-sleeved tees and under jackets! As a bonus, here's my sis to show you how to wrap the same scarf around your cute little head.


  1. I saw madison's scarf tips but this is a great guide as well. Scarves are truly amazing accessories, simply because you can do SO much with them.

  2. Well, thanks for the mention dear, but not to worry this is a great look that you have here! I also think Casee showed a cool way of wearing scarves as well, amongst others! I love scarves obviously, & think that they make excellent accessories, a must have for any season, which is why I always keep one in the handbag. Way to go! :)

  3. Stop, you are just too gorgeous! I can't get over it. I love the scarf tying tips. I definitely have to try out the vest one.

  4. whoa momma. you are hot and your courage is even hotter. love this post (wish i filled out my bikini top like that, to be honest!)


  5. This is really a great tutorial.... trying to think how I can incorporate a scarf vest in my fashion week outfits!

  6. This is THE BESSSSSSSSSSTTTT!!! This guide is everything love. Totally trying the ideas you've mentioned. They're great!

    (Thanks for the shoutout!) xo

  7. I love the scarf vest idea. I've never seen that before! Now I need to figure out if any of my scarves are big enough to do that. Hmmm....

  8. LOVE! You're so creative and inspiring!

  9. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST!!!! Geeze louise! I am sooooo doing that vest situation! I tried to figure it out and really it was comedy, lol. Thanks hot stuff!!

    P.S you are soooo super sexy in your photos! Jelly! So jelly!


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