Friday, September 30, 2011

Dress Loudly :: What's New

Hey gang! Promise this is my last post of the day... ha. I wanted to pop in and announce the new items I just listed at Dress Loudly and also a few changes I'm making to the business. I've only had the shop for a month now and I'm still learning how to go about doing things. :) Thanks for your patience! First off, here are the new goodies...

Purple Party Sweater :: $10

Painterly Print Skirt :: $10

Maroon Camp Shirt :: $10

In the Navy Blazer :: $8

Wonderfully Natural Dress :: $8

Cute Pink Culottes :: $8

Bumpy Snakeskin Belt :: $8

Skinny Black Belt :: $6

Long Brown Sweater :: $6

Fabulous Floral Tank :: $6

*FYI... I had to raise shipping rates because I underestimated the cost of postage and supplies when first setting up shop. It's now $10 for one item and $5 for two or more items. If I didn't do this it would be hard to make any profit off a sale. :)

**From now on (starting next week) I am going to ship out every Tuesday and announce new items every Wednesday. It will be easier for both you and me if I have a set schedule for these things.

***One last thing... please visit my new October sponsors over to the right. They are lovely.


  1. They ARE are you...miss you Sweets!!!

  2. LOVE the leopard print skirt and navy blazer!

  3. You have inspired me so much with your new store... I think I might just open one up too. I have two closets jam packed it's time to let them go... good luck with your sale. xoxo

  4. Love so many things here! I want to raid your shop, girly!


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