Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Etsy Wishlist : : Paintings & Prints

Welcome to a new series! I sing Etsy's praises on the daily, but don't post enough about the goodies I find. It's time to start, don't you think? I'm excited to dig into my 'favorites' and share some with you. I've always been better at performing arts than hands-on arts, so I'm super impressed with those who can draw or paint... and that's the theme for this week! ♥

I've mentioned this artist and a few others before, but I could write about them all day. Ashley's work is so adorable and relateable... I feel like she does self-portraits of people I know!

I don't have any personal pets of my own, so I would love to have this hung on my wall. I can't decide if I'm a 'cat person' or a 'dog person'.

Kate is the magical lady behind this drawing. I already have a few of her prints on display in my home and constantly get compliments from guests. Here's another one I adore!

This is a collage! I love the little characters that the artist created.

Most of you probably don't know that penguins are my favorite animal. I have numerous penguin-themed items from family members & ex-boyfriends, including a Pillow Pet! I don't know where this obsession came from, but I like it...

I instantly thought of Liesel when I saw this work because she's a major cat lover... and then I realized the artist has an uncanny resemblance to her! They need to be friends ASAP.

This girl is super cute to me, especially since I'm lactose intolerant (but I tend to overdose on it anyway). It'd be a swell fit in my kitchen!

This little lady is so sweet. I adore her rosy cheeks! Please please comment with your favorite Etsy finds so I can discover a new artist to obsess over. Yay!


  1. love the dairy free. it might work as a nice reminder of how happy your tummy is when you too are dairy free. lol


  2. These are adorable! I love them all!
    Have a great week!

  3. I know I'm going to love this series :).

  4. Aww, love this series! Etsy is amazing, but I don't shop it often. I have several jewelry pieces from Cinderbella's and an Eiffel Tower necklace from Much Love, but that's about it. Once when I was in Grand Rapids I saw a parked car with a window decal advertising her Etsy shop so I wrote it down - it was HumbleBea! She has the cutest little handmade trinkets.

  5. I love these ladies' jewelry!

  6. I love, love, love # 2!

    Cute blog!

    ps. I'm a loudmouth too - represent!


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