Friday, September 9, 2011

Look : : Goodbye Summer

Outfit details: Tee, sweater, jeans - AT. Scarf - Plato's Closet. Shoes - Payless. Flower clip - Forever 21. Watch - For sale in my shop here. Sunnies - For sale in my shop here!

Oh, hi. Here I am, taking photos of myself. Cool, right? Really though, I'm impressed that I got up and took these before heading to the mall on Labor Day. After work I window-shopped, then came home and ate pizza and a cupcake, then had a phone convo with Bryn and spent the rest of the night blogging. I really haven't had any holiday traditions since college... maybe it's time to start. Which means that next year, I know what I'll be having for dinner. I ain't complaining.


  1. holidays are hard when you work retail. not going to lie, i dont miss it. but pizza and a cupcake sounds freakin awesome compared to my lazy and lonely labor day- hope that doesnt become a tradition!

    ps- your photoshop skills are getting awesome. the force is strong with you, young jedi.


  2. adorable! I love the Softness of these photos it truly looks like fall. I love the lightness in your hair with your skin tone and sun glasses in the second picture looks amazing.

    Next year you'll have to pop over and we'll have a vegetarian BBQ.

  3. You look gorgeous hon! I love the photos!!

  4. Love the pics my dear! You look fantastic. Why are you selling your MK watch? I love mine :)


  5. these are gorgeous shots!!! i miss you doll. =)

  6. So cute! I love the coloring on these. And the shot of your shoes is completely adorable.

    P.S. Sorry if I'm totally blowing up your inbox with comment notifications again - this is my Loudmouth Day, in case you couldn't tell!


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