Saturday, September 10, 2011

Psst... a secret love letter!

Oh, wait. I guess it's not-so-secret.

Because it's from you.

After reading about Amy's 'buzz' file, I was inspired to pull together my 15 favorite comments, e-mails and tweets. I thought this was a cute, fun format! Now I have something to look at whenever I feel discouraged or defeated. It's a little reminder that there are people out there who care about what I do.

Thank you for your sweet words... I could say the same about you! ♥ (And I suggest compiling your own 'letter' for future days when you don't feel motivated. Sometimes all you need is a little love.)


  1. Oh hai! You're awesome. The end.

  2. What an interesting concept--- very cool Steph!

  3. This is so great...I've kept a few meaningful comments. I should organize them for a self-esteem boost!

  4. Aww, I love this! I totally want to do something similar. I wish I kept a little scrapbook of comments, but I'll definitely have to go back through them and rediscover what people have said. Blogging has really enlightened me in so many ways, especially to my own ability as a writer. It's been such a blessing!

    On a similar note, back when I was on LJ in...2008, I think, I made what I called an online time capsule. It was a private post that only I could see, and I did a bunch of little things, like adding pictures of my interest at the time and things I hoped to accomplish, plus a little letter to Future Me. I found it this year when I was looking for an old post on LJ randomly, and it was such a fun moment. I had written it in the best self-supportive way I knew how then, so it meant a lot. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but it was kind of fun!


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