Friday, September 30, 2011

The Things I Did

Lots to do before my new roomie moves in this weekend! Those of you who have been following along are thinking what the what because you know I have a one-bedroom apartment. Well, he is going to be a living-room-roommate. :) This is my third time renting out the living room since moving to LA and it's actually pretty fun if it's someone you know and trust. Little ol' me needs help paying rent and he needs a place to stay. Win-win! (I do wonder if he is prepared for all the photos I'm going to take of the pad's new look... hmm.)

If you haven't noticed, I am mildly obsessed with lists and color-coordination. I highlighted everything I did yesterday in pink and highlighted everything I need to do today in yellow. If it's half-lighted, it's half-way done. Hee. :)

And just for fun... here is some random eye candy to start your weekend right. Some of the prettiest men... TGIF, indeed. ♥

{Pharrell Williams}

{Trey Songz}

{Joseph Gordon-Levitt}

{Michael C. Hall}

{Robert Downey Jr.}


  1. Robert Downey Jr. hmmm????

    I don't know if you'd have the same feeling if you saw him running down Ventura blvd cracked out being chased by paparazzi or maybe you would... haha

    Happy weekend love! Cheers

  2. MMmmm Love the man candy!! I'm glad to have found another highlighted list maker in the world. :)

  3. I'm so happy I found your blog! You're a doll. And, I'm obsessed with lists too! I like your color-coordinated highlighting idea...I have to try that!

  4. i love lists too! they allow you to prioritize and make sure everything gets done :)
    <3 steffy

  5. I love how that picture of JGL just sticks right out. So funny. You have great taste in handsome fellows, in case I didn't mention that? Seriously, MCH, try to smolder a little more. I dare you. And RDJ is totally on my list, too - - apparently I have a thing for guys with three initials?

  6. yumm, joseph gordon levitt. so glad someone else is a crazy list maker like me. but i love scratching things off and seeing big black, or blue, blocks of things i have done. sometimes i write down something i have already done just to scratch it off.

  7. mmmmm, i love the boys you chose! love! gawsh robert downey jr, you are so sexytown.

    luck luck luck for your new roomie pretty. i hope everything is sunshine and rainbow right now for you.


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