Monday, September 5, 2011

Time for a Q&A sesh...

Hi everyone! I'm hoping you'll help me out with this. I would love to find out a little more about you so that I can have some solid information to give future sponsors and collaborators. All I need is for you to answer the following two questions. It's completely anonymous and I'll be super grateful for your participation!

In addition, I want to use this post as a forum where you can ask me whatever questions you want (as long as they are appropriate, of course). My FAQ page is already becoming dated & I would love to revise it! Thanks so much... and happy Labor Day! You're the best. ♥


  1. All done, hope the info proves to be useful doll. have an excellent long weekend, so jealous!

  2. Done! Glad to see im not the only 30+ voter lol xx

  3. Lol I'm one of 2 males that voted. Don't worry faye I fell in to the same category as you as well.

  4. *whew* just missed the 26-37 box! Yikes! Lol


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