Monday, September 5, 2011

Time for a Q&A sesh...

Hi everyone! I'm hoping you'll help me out with this. I would love to find out a little more about you so that I can have some solid information to give future sponsors and collaborators. All I need is for you to answer the following two questions. It's completely anonymous and I'll be super grateful for your participation!

In addition, I want to use this post as a forum where you can ask me whatever questions you want (as long as they are appropriate, of course). My FAQ page is already becoming dated & I would love to revise it! Thanks so much... and happy Labor Day! You're the best. ♥


  1. Hope I did it right!!

  2. All done, hope the info proves to be useful doll. have an excellent long weekend, so jealous!

  3. Done! Glad to see im not the only 30+ voter lol xx

  4. Lol I'm one of 2 males that voted. Don't worry faye I fell in to the same category as you as well.

  5. *whew* just missed the 26-37 box! Yikes! Lol


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