Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Etsy Wishlist :: Brilliant Baubles

Ah, yes. You should know by now that my favorite part of getting dressed is piling on the jewelry! If I leave the house without a necklace, I'm either ill or wearing a very busy shirt.

As a self-proclaimed city gal, I'm smitten by this pendant!

This cuff is super cool -- would be a great gift for my sis.

I have a crush on cameo jewelry. This ring is no exception!

I'm reminded of my theatre-geek days thanks to this necklace.

I'm in love with lace, too!

What are some of your favorite Etsy finds? Please share! ♥


  1. Ooo!! I love that bow ring & the lace pendant necklace. I love etsy. My favorite shops are Kellyssima & anirtak. <3

  2. Ooh, I love the ring....I so love Etsy!- Jessica

  3. I've loved cameos since I was a kid. That one is gorgeous. The lace necklace is pretty too.

  4. That bow ring is so adorable! Every time I go on Etsy, 5 minutes turns into hours and I get lost in a sea of handmade amazingness. I'm usually more of a sucker of home decor pieces on Etsy though, but there are some great jewels too :)

  5. Just to clarify, the items I'm wearing in the first photo are not from Etsy... I just wanted to use an accessory-focused photo to kick off the post! :)

  6. I´m smitten more by the cuff. I love fashion and I too love music. :)

  7. That skyline pendant is awesome! Also, so glad that cameos are back. My mom has a ton of old ones. I need to go dig around in her jewelry box.

  8. that cuff is brilliant. i have to snatch that up!

  9. I received my package and love everything!
    I too must have accessories and have been a cameo fan for years. Love the city pendant as well.
    As a matter of fact, i think a DIY might be in order!
    thanks again.....

  10. I love that city bauble! It's totally perfect for me, too, being such a city gal.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. I LOVE THAT MUSIC CUFF!! That is awesome! My covetousness just got turned up a notch!!


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