Sunday, October 2, 2011

Look :: Pants Party

Outfit details: Blazer - Bebe. Pants, flats - AT. Headband - For sale in my shop here. Scarf - For sale here. Top - Here. Bracelet - Here.

I'm not a huge pants person, but when I find a pair I love, I L-O-V-E them. These gray beauties are no exception! I wear them to work, to bed, around the house... and yes, I'm wearing them right now.

(It's currently 10pm on 9/27. And you probably won't read this until next week. But I'll probably still be wearing them. So it's accurate.)

PS: I'm planning a meetup for LA bloggers sometime this month or next! Please email me if interested. I'd love to have you join us! ♥


  1. Ha, you're too cute. I love these pants! I definitely know the feeling, I'm a very pants-particular kind of person; if I find a maker with a fit I love I'll just stick with them.

    P.S. I wish I could be an LA blogger for a day so I could meet you! :(

  2. They look so comfy!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. They're like sweat pant slacks or something? they look so awesome!

  4. I saw a pair like this the other day that I haven't gotten out of my head--- may have to go back for it!

  5. I've been looking for a pair of pleated, peg-leg pants that actually look good on me for about two years now. So far - no dice.

    P.S. - Thank you for retweeting my last post. Love you!

  6. You're such a babe that it sickens me.

    I'm the same way with pants, though.

  7. Nothing beats a piece of clothing that you feel great and is comfy!

  8. it's not a party until the pants come off. i'm not coming on to you, it's the truth. i cant remember a wild party that contained pants. just sayin.


  9. There's nothing quite like a great pair of pants! Now I just have to find a pair...



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