Monday, October 10, 2011

RAW / Guest Post :: Daily Life by Casee

Hi everyone, it's Casee Marie again! As an avid reader of The Loudmouth Lifestyle I'm so excited and honored to be part of the Reader Appreciation Week celebration! I'm always a bit smitten over the cozy feeling of friendliness and familiarity within this readership, and I've come to know many of the other readers through our interactions. Stephanie sets a shining example of what it means to build a community as a blogger, from her interactions with her readers through Twitter to her monthly inspiration features on the blog. She also cranks out content like nobody's business and knows how to make a pretty killer vlog.

Anyway, for my guest post here I thought it would be fun to share a day in the life of a Loudmouth Lifestyle reader with a few snapshots from the special little things that make my days delightful...

A lazy morning watching my fluffy dog frolic (or, you know, sleep) in the leaves.

Walking through the artificial flowers aisle of the craft store and remembering how I had pretended I was in an enchanted garden when I was little (and promptly recalling the euphoria).

The pure fun of donning your favorite dress for a day of shopping.

Noticing the little details on a favorite handbag as if seeing it again for the first time.

Art, of course.

Watching the sunset flash through the trees as you finally scurry home (and imagining yourself in a scene from a Sofia Coppola film...or is that just me?).

And an evening spent recalling the little things that made you smile throughout the day.

Thanks to Stephanie for inviting me to guest post and thanks to all the Loudmouth Lifestyle readers for being so fabulously you!


  1. I am not at all surprised to see you guest posting this week twin!! You are an awesome blogger as well as a loyal reader of all your blogger friends!

    Seeing your dog makes me miss my dog Prince:( I had the same dog growing up & I loved him dearly.

    & not only do I love that dress! I love that freaking bag!!! I want so bad. I need some serious retail therapy ASAP hehe

    & thank you so much Steph for all that you do in the blogging community & for eaturing Casee!

    Happy Blogging
    -the other Steph lol

  2. Thanks again for inviting me, Loudmouth-Steph! So glad I could take part in this awesome event. ;)

    And twin-Steph, you're the cutest! Big big big hugs!

  3. Ah, my two sweethearts! I second everything you say about Stephanie, Casee. Steph, we love you and are your biggest fans.

    Casee, love, this is such a lovely post. I always love getting little peeks into your life. Funny, I always feel like people probably wouldnt find the same with snippets of my everyday life, but I am thinking now that that is my own insecurity more than anything, because when I say that I love getting these peeks, I mean I LOVE it. Thank you both for being you, and for making my life a happier one just by being a part of it. Mwuah!

  4. Eee Casee, your dog is so precious! :D


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