Thursday, October 13, 2011

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On adding oomph to my home for a song

Hi Sweethearts!

My name is Anika and I blog at By Anika about self worth and fashion. Deep for a fashion blog, you say? Yes, when we connect our fashion to our inner selves style is anything but superficial. To me, fashion is all about loving and celebrating who we are. Fashion is deep- and such fun!

How lovely to see you here at Stephanies wonderful blog for my second guest post at the Loudmouth Lifestyle. Thank you Stephanie for taking such good care of your readers, and thank you for the honor of guestposting for you!

I am very passionate about fashion and interior design. For me they are both about self expression. I only wear what I absolutely love, and the same applies to my home. My dresses and home need to feel like me, they must have personality and ooomph. Mixed prints, layered textures, clean lines and eclectic boho is what I love. My home and fashion are two sides of the same story to the point where I turn pillows into dresses and dresses into curtains.

I recently moved into a new flat, and as I am completely broke I faced the challenge of decorating my home on a budget of nothing. My approach to this was the same as with everything else in life: There are no problems, only solutions I have yet to find.

Here are some peeks into my home, decorated with love and a song.

I needed shelving in my living room, so I put a book shelf horizontally on the floor. Hey presto; I got a display area to play with and a chance to make a feature of my books that I always sort by color. (Want to borrow a book? Sure! Know what color it is?) I sewed the pillows and throws from scarves. Also, I use matresses for sofas. Let`s lounge, my friends!

In my kitchen I added some character to my dining space by using a beautiful scarf for the curtain and decorating a mirror with paper napkins. If you squint the mirror looks tiled. Ok, it really doesn`t. But squinting does make the mirror look cleaner than it is, and that is never wrong. I used lanterns to camouflage the ugly lamp in the ceiling, much cheaper than getting a new one. I had a audience looking at me balancing on top of the table, so I took a bow, feeling very amused with my self. Then karma hit and I slipped, nearly fell off the table and grabbed at the lanterns. Basically, I had to do it all over again. At least I got to introduce my self to my neighbours! Sort of.

Ah, yes. The bedroom. This is where the magic happens, but that is a different post. I find that I sleep better if the room is beautiful, and in lieu of the Art Deco bedroom I dream of creating I went tribal-ish. I bought the purple and striped scarves at H&M for a song and got busy sewing pillows. I added a luxurious looking pillow that I already had for a more lush feel. I used more napkins for the picture and hung bling from a lamp on the wall. I love flowers, I find that they instantly bring ambiance to a space. I should however tell you that this orchid has survived the summer in spite of me. Note to self; water the plants! Singing for them isn`t enough.

I love my home. I light candles every night, play lovely music and give thanks that I have a home in which to recharge and center my self. See, interior decorating is deep too. And, such FUN!

Tell me, friends, does your fashion and home mirror each other?


  1. Love, love this! When I get my own apartment I'll definitely have to use lots of napkins ;)

    XOXO Ashley

  2. Oh my gosh!! you are so freakin creative hun! I love what you have done with your home. I am addicted to books, so Im going banana's over your bookshelf! & I love love love your bedroom and kitchen!

  3. Oh woww anika:) thats awesomely creative! Im already a fan!

  4. I love your flat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I must come over soon.
    Thank you dear Stephanie for sharing your love in the blogosphere. You are an angel.
    Besos to both of you.

  5. Love it...the lantern to disguise an ugly fixture is GENIUS!

  6. Your house is full of charm, Anika! I love all the patterns of the textiles and the lace shawl in the window is magical. Like you.

  7. LOVE LOVE happy to see her featured here...shes an inspiration to us all:)
    Rock on girl!!

    Statements In Fashion: A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  8. I never thought of using napkins like that, you're a genius! This is such good timing, I love what you did with the book case. You home is beautiful Anika just like you <3

  9. I love your home! It's warm and bright just like you my dear! Love all of the print and texture too! Can you come decorate my space :)

  10. It's decorated beautifully. Lovely guest post dear & yes interiors and fashion definitely goes together.

  11. Oh my gosh, it's so lovely. Your home looks & sounds so amazing & relaxing. Wonderful guest post.

  12. OMIGOSH!!! I love you home!!!! When did you move?!?! Ok, I have to email you, I did not know this happened.

    The bookshelf Idea is genius!

  13. Baby girl, I have that same "bling" hanging from my ceiling in my living room. You know what that means? I will think of you every single time I look up! Isn't that wonderful?
    xoxo, f

  14. Thank you so much my friends, and darling Steph! Can you imagine us all toghether? Now that would be a party! Love, Anika

  15. Such a nice flat Anika. Just imagine how lovely it would be to have a talk and a coffee with you on you kitchen table!


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